Elixir Gastropub: more than just flavor

Interior of Elixir Gastropub. (Photo: Tala Kayyali/Jordan News)
Dining out implies that one’s culinary experience should be central to one’s enjoyment of a restaurant. However, many establishments now thrive off of other pulls, such as ambiance, niche appeal, or in this case, live entertainment. اضافة اعلان

Interior of Elixir Gastropub. (Photo: Tala Kayyali/Jordan News)

Elixir Gastropub is a medium-sized establishment with tasteful decor and picturesque windows that provide ample sunlight and a beautiful view of the local scenery.

As previously mentioned, the food is not the only pull to this restaurant. A quick scroll through their Instagram will allow you to get a feel for their frequently hosted live shows set to entertain their patrons.

From guitarists to singers to DJs, a live musical performance is expected at Elixir Gastropub on select nights. The sound of music and the lively conversations around the restaurant should not be a place of concern if you’re worried about feeling overwhelmed by the mixture of sounds. The restaurant is arranged to allow each table enough space to feel comfortable and enjoy the performance without feeling burdened by noises.

Our visit to the restaurant, however, happened around midday. The restaurant was occupied by only one other party, a distinction from what one can expect during the evenings. Even without the presence of a live musical performance, the quiet space allowed us to enjoy our meal in peace and take in the stunning view from the panoramic windows.

Elixir’s Signature Platter (Photo: Tala Kayyali/Jordan News)

To start, we chose to sample a wide selection of their appetizers by ordering “Elixir’s Signature Platter.” The platter consists of dynamite shrimp, chicken tenders, chicken shawarma, bruschetta, onion rings, potato wedges, and mozzarella bites. The dynamite shrimp was by far the star of the show, and its incredible sauce complimented the shrimp perfectly. The onion rings were close runner-up. Cooked in a way that made them less greasy than the average onion ring, we were able to munch on as many as we wanted while not feeling hopelessly bloated afterward. This appetizer plate is perfect to lightly snack on while enjoying a live performer.

The waitstaff was incredibly attentive when it came to service, which was undoubtedly aided by the restaurant’s not being too crowded. The waiter assigned to our table was never too far away from us, always ready to top off a water glass and ensure that we had everything we needed to enjoy our meal.

Elixir’s Signature Angus Beef Burger (Photo: Tala Kayyali/Jordan News)

For our main dishes, we ordered “Elixir’s Signature Angus Beef Burger” and a “Grilled Chicken Breast.” The grilled chicken was served with sauteed vegetables and topped with a creamy mushroom sauce. The creamy mushroom sauce thoroughly enhanced the taste of what is usually considered an unexciting dish. If I were to judge what Elixir’s specialty is, I would say it’s their sauces. Like the chicken breast, the burger had a special sauce drizzled liberally on the inside of the burger’s toasted buns, which elevated the burger from standard to delicious.

Overall, I would recommend passing by Elixir. However, remain cognizant of what time you go. If you’re looking for a peaceful experience to calmly enjoy the views, passing by for an early lunch would be best. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a more lively and entertaining experience, late evenings would probably suit you better. Furthermore, if you’re worried about the variety of food, worry no more because Elixir offers a little something for everyone.

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