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Ned’s Pizza: The tucked away real-deal NYC-style pizza

Ned’s Pizza is quietly tucked away behind a commercial building off Wadi Saqra, just after McDonalds. (Photo: Raja Attar/Jordan News)

Whoever said location is a major key to success obviously hasn’t been to Ned’s. The restaurant is quietly tucked away behind a commercial building off Wadi Saqra, just after McDonalds.اضافة اعلان

It can be an absolute nightmare to get to during rush hour, yet people still power through the madness just to get there.

There’s ample parking outside the place, which is always a blessing. We made our way inside and placed an order of three pizzas. A classic 12 inch margherita, a classic 12 inch creamy porcini and truffle oil, and finally, a Sicilian sausage and pepper.

The place was generally quiet, there was one other occupied table but the kitchen was busy preparing orders for delivery. We waited for nearly 10 minutes until the margherita arrived. Tomato sauce, mozzarella, parmesan, basil, and olive oil, all sitting on a glorious pizza dough made to perfection.

Ned’s creamy porcini with truffle oil pizza, on a classic 12 inch dough. (Photo: Raja Attar/Jordan News)

The margherita was well-balanced; the tomato sauce to cheese ratio was perfect, each piece held up nicely when picked up, very little flop — exactly how I like my pizza. And of course there’s the perfectly charred crust at the end of each slice, which makes eating each slice so much more enjoyable.

Ned’s classic 12 inch margherita pizza. (Photo: Raja Attar/Jordan News)

The second pizza to arrive was the Sicilian sausage and pepper. For those who don’t know what a New York City-style Sicilian pizza is, it is basically a slightly different take on the classic Sicilian method of preparing pizza, brought over to New York by Sicilian immigrants. The crust is thick and spongy, which is excellent for holding more toppings. It is also oiled on the outside to give it that perfect crunchy finish, which makes this version of pizza a favorite for many customers.

Ned’s Sicilian sausage and pepper pizza. (Photo: Raja Attar/Jordan News)

This particular sausage and pepper pizza was super, to say the least. The aromatic sausage works perfectly with the bell peppers and the onions. I must say, I really appreciate the fact that they roast their veggies in the oven before adding them to the pizza which prevents unnecessary moisture from ruining a perfectly good pizza. The amount of cheese on top is perfect as always. Not for a moment did this feel too heavy or rich. All of this is nicely balanced with a generous serving of their tomato sauce. I can easily say this is my favorite way to enjoy their Sicialian pizza.

Finally, the pizza we’ve been waiting for: The creamy porcini with truffle oil on a classic 12 inch dough, fresh out the oven to the table.

We had to let it cool down for a couple of minutes before digging into it. This is by far one of my favorite things to eat in Amman. The pizza features a combination of creamy mushroom sauce, mozzarella, parmesan, mushrooms, basil, and truffle oil. Their version of this pizza is the best in the city, as far as my opinion goes. The mushrooms give this nutty and earthy flavor that bonds perfectly with the creamy sauce and the cheese, while drizzle of truffle oil gives a much needed depth to break through the richness of the base. Talk about saving the best for last.

Most pizza aficionados in Amman will regularly cite Ned’s as their favorite. Generally speaking it’s extremely hard to compare Ned’s to any other pizza place in Amman. As far as my knowledge goes, there is no other place that serves real-deal New York-style pizza like Ned’s does.

Easily my favorite in town. Must visit!

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