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Sadeq, Sharabati resume Olympic preparation

National taekwondo athlete Juliana Al-Sadeq. (Photo: Jordan Olympic Committee)
National taekwondo athlete Juliana Al-Sadeq. (Photo: Jordan Olympic Committee)
AMMAN — National taekwondo teams are back to training after taking a brief break following their appearance at the Asian and Beirut international tournaments earlier this month.اضافة اعلان

National champions Juliana Al-Sadeq and Saleh Al-Sharabati are currently gearing up for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, slated between July 23 and August 8.

“Most national team players will resume training to prepare for upcoming international events, noting that the International Taekwondo Federation had cancelled this year’s world championship and a number of other tournaments, which await rescheduling,” national coach, Fares Al-Assaf explained.

“We have requested the cancellation of the Russia Camp for the time being to give Sharabati and Sadeq a mandatory rest to recuperate from their minor injuries before they head to a training camp in Iran, scheduled for early July,” he continued.

“We are looking forward to boosting the effectiveness of training and ensuring that Sadeq and Sharabati are fully prepared for the Iran camp.”

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