Financial worries loom over local football clubs

Jazeera, Faisaly and Ramtha struggling to stay afloat

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COVID-19 has cast doubt on the ability of various Jordanian clubs to continue operating. (Photo: Jordan Football Association)
AMMAN – Several Pro League clubs are currently struggling to stay standing under the growing pressure of financial struggles that threaten their chances of partaking in the 2021 season. اضافة اعلان

Al-Jazeera Club players have yet to return training for the seventh consecutive day; despite several attempts by the club’s ad-hoc administration to persuade the team to accept half their salaries.

The temporary committee’s efforts to convince the players to receive only part of their dues were made ahead of Al-Jazeera’s match against Al-Wahdat; scheduled for April 4, as part of the Super Cup.

Covid-inspired financial repercussions have also affected other clubs, including Al-Ramtha Club players who refused to attend training on Saturday due to their months-long financial demands, before the administration eventually succeeded in convincing them to resume training with promises to work on paying their dues soon.

Al-Faisaly Club players are also pressuring administration to receive their delayed wages. The issue remains unresolved.

Maan Club players called on fans to support the club’s fund by offering tickets at low prices to help cover the team’s expenses and pay part of the players and staffs’ salaries.

The Jordan Football Association has already released the match schedule for the home stage of the 2021 pro league that is set to start on April 8.

The first leg of the league will see two matches, where Shabab Al-Ordun meet Salt on the Amman Stadium, and Sahab meet Faisaly in the Prince Mohammad Stadium on April 10.