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November 28 2021 7:26 PM ˚
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Al-Jazeera players go on strike over financial claims

Al Jazeera
The players attributed their decision to abandon training and matches to the club’s inability to meet their needs. (Photo: JNews)
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AMMAN — Al-Jazeera Club players on Tuesday decided to refrain from playing future matches and to cease training activities, demanding that the club’s temporary committee terminate their contracts and grant them the chance to move on to other clubs. اضافة اعلان

“We, the Al Jazeera Club players, have been patient for a long time amidst the difficult conditions facing the club. We have worked hard to preserve the club’s name in its natural spot among (other) major (clubs), despite the difficult financial circumstances that the club has been suffering,” the footballers said in a statement issued across their private social media accounts.

The statement continued to explain that the club can no longer meet its players’ “most basic needs”, making it difficult for them to tend to the needs of their families, among other obligations.

The announcement concluded with the players apologizing for their decision to stop training and playing future matches, and demanded that club’s administration terminate their contracts.

Al Jazeera Club’s temporary committee and the lawyer representing the club’s former chairman, Samir Mansour, have met multiple times over the past few days. The meetings “have not been fruitful”, due in part to the fact that the Jordan Football Association (JFA) continues to seize the club’s revenues, after obtaining a court order.

The court’s ruling came in response to a motion filed by Mansour, demanding his financial dues, which amount to around $500,000.

A series of decisions by the JFA’s Players Status Committee have required the club to pay its players’ outstanding dues; among them Al Jazeera’s former goalkeeper, Ahmad Abdul Sattar, who is owed $31,000 and Firas Shalabiyah, who is entitled to approximately $15,000.

Head of the club’s temporary committee, Mahmoud Al-Kailany, said that the club is working to secure the players’ swift return to practice, according to the Jordan News Agency Petra.