Women’s national football team resumes training

3. Womens
The women’s national football team (Al-Nashmiyat) resume their training in preparation for upcoming events. (Photo: Jordan Football Association)
AMMAN — The women’s national football team (Al-Nashmiyat), led by the Portuguese Coach David Mascimento, resumed their technical and physical training on Sunday.اضافة اعلان

The first training included local players Sherin Al-Shalabi, Malak Shannak, Rawand Kassab, Anfal Al-Sufy, Nour Zoukash, Al-Anoud Ghazi, Rand Abu Hussein, Enshirah Hyasat, Rital Al-Shobaki, Taqi Al-Zubairi, Tasneem Abu Rob, Tasneem Esleem, Leen Al-Battoush, Yasmine Al-Ajrab, Rama Abu Al-Soundus, Shahenaz Jebreen, Lina Sahib, Tala Barghouti.

Some players were excluded from the current camp including Ayah Al-Majali, Maysa Jbarah, Mai Sweilem, Enas Al-Jamaeen, and Rouzbhan Fraij, while Bana Al-Bitar and Zina Hazem both tested positive for COVID-19.

The training comes within the framework of preparations for upcoming events, namely the West Asian Championship, which will be held next August in Jordan.

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