The most memorable bloodborne boss fights

Bloodborne was refreshing, exciting, and most of all perfectly punishing, but what really left a mark on most of its players were the plethora of intricate boss battles to be had. (Photo: Flickr)
With the release of Elden Ring making such a huge impact on the gaming industry, it is clear to see that the FromSoftware formula that once scared many players away is indeed worth experiencing. So, while many people are having a blast exploring the Lands Between in Elden Ring, let us take a moment to look back on another FromSoftware masterpiece, Bloodborne.اضافة اعلان

Bloodborne was released in 2015 on Play Station 4, and had, arguably an impact similar to that of the latest FS (FromSoftware) title. Bloodborne throws you right into the action, having you, the hunter, exploring the beautifully eerie city of Yharnam, as you fight off dark, demented baddies with entirely new combat mechanics that deviate from the typical FS format.

Bloodborne was refreshing, exciting, and most of all perfectly punishing, but what really left a mark on most of its players were the plethora of intricate boss battles to be had.

So, let us talk about the most memorable boss fights you will experience, if you have not already, in this timeless masterpiece.

Mergo’s Wet Nurse

The scene sets itself as a baby begins crying from a lone carriage at the very top of a tower, filling the player with a sense of discomfort from the very start of it. A jumble of untidy gowns and drooping feathers slips down over the carriage, only increasing the tension. It lingers, but then Mergo’s Wet Nurse pulls out her six blades, making you understand that whatever she is, she has no intention of harming the weeping baby, only you.

With 6 blades in hand, MWN can easily create a dangerous area around herself, but, thankfully, her back is often exposed, allowing you to get some much-needed hits in. While six blades seem tough enough, she will also disperse a thick fog over the arena, so make sure you remain locked on or things will get ugly fast.

The One Reborn

A massive part of the lore in Bloodborne is that the Church and Hunters are trying to turn a human into a Great One. And one of their attempts, although a failure, is TOR. Although TOR might look a bit intimidating, being an amalgamation of corpses, all meshed into one, the fight is fairly simple. TOR is pretty much defenseless without the help of nearby sorceresses.

And while many people might not consider this to be that memorable of a battle, the clear link to the game’s lore and context of the fight cements it in this list.

Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower

Only encountered in the Old Hunters DLC, Lady Maria is a skilled and formidable hunter. What makes this fight so memorable is a combination of lore and gameplay. Being one of the most challenging bosses in the games, with clear inspiration from previous FS game bosses (Artorias from Dark Souls for example), we also get a chance to learn that she was one of Gehrman’s (the first hunter) first students, and that she happens to also be the inspiration of the Living Doll in the Hunter’s Dream.

Ludwig, the Accursed & Holy Blade

During the main campaign, Ludwig’s name will be heard on multiple occasions, but, it is not until the Old Hunters DLC where players will have a chance to feast their eyes upon him. Ludwig can only be described as a beast human chimera of sorts; with the body of a beast and the head of a disfigured human, he strikes a sense of unease in players the moment they encounter him. He wields a massive great sword, so you would think his attacks will be a simple feat to dodge, but the speed of his attacks will catch most players off-guard. With a mix of speed and massive range, this boss fight is sure to keep players on their toes, but, if that itself is not enough of a hassle, Ludwig will also begin spewing poisonous “paleblood” from his eyes.

This fight is both a gorgeous cinematic masterpiece and an edge-of-your-seat blood fest that is sure to leave a mark on all who battle him

It would not do the game justice to purely consider these fights to be the most memorable; every single thing encountered in Bloodborne is sure to leave a mark on anyone who plays it. So, if you have just finished Elden Ring and are trying to fill the void it left in you, or if you just enjoy the FromSoftware formula, be sure to check it out.

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