Cult of the Lamb: The new cult classic?

Cult of the lamb
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Developers are jumping on the “Indie Game” train; this much is obvious. Indie titles are being released at a crazy rate. And yes, most indie games usually originate with a clear amount of love put into them, but not all of them can be classified as objectively good or engaging.اضافة اعلان

So, it is unsurprising that many people turn a blind eye to news regarding indie game releases. One of these indie games was released about a week ago, Cult of the Lamb. 

What is it?
Cult of the Lamb is, by definition, a dungeon-crawling rogue-like game. Yes, that sounds like every other indie game being released, but give it a chance.

What makes Cult of the Lamb worthy of players’ time and interest is the combination of things it does, including its gameplay, visual appeal, score, and so much more. It is a sort of fusion between fan-favorite dungeon crawlers, rogue-likes, and animal crossing.

This title is sure to offer something for everyone.

The story
Cult of the Lamb has players start the game at what looks like their imminent demise. Players are a little lamb pal, the last of its kind, and as they walk down a corridor, they are greeted by a bunch of robed cultists who serve the “Old Gods”.

The gods’ servants are the ones who currently occupy this land that players will be exploring down the line.

Unfortunately for the lamb, though, the Old Gods must kill it. This is because they fear the prophecy, which states that a lamb will be the downfall of them all because it will release “The One Who Waits”, a powerful god that they had imprisoned.

In a twist, killing the lamb is just what the prophecy needed to come true, thus allowing the little lamb pal to meet “The One Who Waits” and start a cult in his name as repayment for returning the player to life.

Main gameplay aspects
The combat in Cult of the Lamb is quick and concise treading carefully to remain as simple as possible. There is a normal attack, special crown attack, and a dodge mechanic that feels perfectly snappy, which allows for some intricate battles revolving around said simplicity.

As for the dungeons, players will be battling in four main dungeons, each of which is a domain of one of the Old Gods. At this point, players are trying to eradicate the Old Gods to repay “The One Who Waits”.

As all dungeon crawlers’ rogue-likes, these dungeons are randomly generated each time.

As players scour through these dungeons, they can expect to find a ton of goodies along the way that provides them with upgrades for combat mechanisms and their base. This is where the animal crossing-esque gameplay comes into action.

As players recruit more animals to join their newfound cult, it becomes their duty to ensure the base that hosts them is strategically built. This includes shelter, material farms, and a bunch more to allow players to streamline their experience as a whole.

It is clear the developers, Massive Monster, put a lot of thought into maintaining an engaging balance between these two concepts for the game, and it paid off.

Hub development and recruitment
An interesting approach this game takes is how players recruit followers to their new cult. Sure, there’s the typical approach of saving soon-to-be sacrificed victims, but there is also a more fun approach.

As players make their way through intricate dungeons, they face many horrid-looking baddies and mini-bosses in the dungeons, but upon their defeat, they transform back into their originally cuddly selves, allowing players to recruit them to base.

Recruitment is a very important aspect of the game, as the more followers players recruit, the more automated their base becomes. These lovable little cultists will gather important materials, such as wood and stone. They will also clean up the poop that followers liberally leave around and, most importantly, worship the player, leading them to garner some net “devotion”, an important currency that allows them to expand their base.

But keep in mind that the larger a player’s following becomes, the more they have to maintain their needs; a prime example of this is the hunger indicator at the top left of the screen.

Cult of the Lamb has proven to be a worthy game, seeing how more and more people flock towards it. With elements that many might not assume will work together, combining in perfect unison. It is safe to say the Cult of the Lamb will be a cult classic.

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