iX3: The first all-electric member of BMW X family

The iX3 features modern features with a front grille featuring LED lights in a distinctive way, a black front cover featuring the relatively large KIDNEY Grill, as well as a prominent front bumper with its sporty openings, The front shape as a whole reflects strength and fluidity, and is a common appearance for all BMW X-Class cars. (Photos: BMW)
Looking to enter the world of electric cars and tired of waiting until the arrival of a car from a luxury brand that you trust and that would offer you a vehicle that suits your aspirations and meets your needs? One that gives you what you want from a car, is not ugly or looks like it came out of a science fiction movie? Oh, and one that is in the class of majestic-looking SUVs? اضافة اعلان

The engineers living in Bavaria issued the new electric BMW ix3, a luxurious and modern electric car. It is a pleasure to drive this modern sport utility vehicle of the SAV class (sport activity vehicle) as BMW likes to call its SUVs.

This car is an electric version of the well-known BMW X3, which competes strongly in the multi-purpose car or SUV segment of the middle class, the C-Segment, which is the best-selling category around the world and the most growing in sales year after year.

The cars are “almost identical” except for some notable design effort made to distinguish the “totally green” version from its sister, which is guilty of consuming fossil fuels and of emitting harmful emissions into the environment, unlike its innocent and environmentally conscientious sister with zero emissions.

The iX3 has modern features: a front grille featuring LED lights in a distinctive way, a black front cover featuring the relatively large kidney grill, as well as a prominent front bumper with its sporty openings. The front shape as a whole reflects strength and fluidity, and is a common to all BMW X-class cars.

The i logo and blue accents on the front confirm the iX3’s electric identity. From the side, the M BMW sports wheels measuring 20 inches with a sporty design; with the side air vents, the sporty look of the car continues. At the rear, the polygonal and 3D LED lights and the large and sporty rear bumper stand out.

(Photo: BMW)

The interior is a modern cabin that blends luxury and technology, quality and texture at the highest level. Seats have a sporty design and luxurious SensaTec leather upholstery. The driver-centric BMW dashboard with information display has a Live Cockpit Professional setup.

The driver assistance systems are standard, as are the matrix LED headlights, the panoramic sunroof, the heated sports seats, the powered tailgate and more.

Infotainment elements include a head-up display and customizable touch digital dashboard, the central display screen comes with Bluetooth smartphone, hands-free “gesture control” and a high-end 16-speaker Harman Kardon stereo.

The center display enables the driver to control the entertainment, connectivity and navigation, as well as the driving assistance and safety systems through the Driving Assistant Professional package, which includes the lane departure warning and the Intelligent Cruise Control systems, with the Stop and Go feature for the intelligent start of the engine.

It gives all the details of the e-drive system, such as the range of travel on a single charge, which reaches 458 km, and the power meter, which reflects the system’s power of 286 hp and 400 Nm of torque.

There is a bit of a spooky sci-fi electric start up sound effects produced by the Hollywood famous silver screen composer Hans Zimmer, before you get underway using the steering wheel, gearstick and pedals that the “normal” BMW X3 also has.

You can drive the iX3 in one-pedal mode, treat it like a regular car, or let clever sensors automatically choose when to ramp-up braking at intersections or in traffic.

(Photo: BMW)

Spritely enough off the mark, the IX3’s instant torque delivers a 6.8 second dash to 100km/h. A top speed limited to 180km/h might be a deal-breaker on German autobahns, though it would be a problem on some Jordanian roads equipped with speeding cameras.

The iX3’s relatively huge battery sits low in the car, reducing its center of gravity and profitability for the body roll.

The iX3 enjoys great flexibility as an electric vehicle with a long range thanks to the high-voltage BMW battery that is efficient in storing and supplying energy Charging is possible through the portable charger and can be done with several cables suitable for all electricity sources for normal AC charging. BMW wallbox can be installed at home for charging up to 11 kW/h and with AC charge options the battery can be charged in 8 hours.

As for fast charging through stations, it is available up to 150 kilowatts, and if available, the battery can be charged up to 80 percent within half an hour, or in other words, it gives enough power for a distance of 100 km within 10 minutes of charging only.

But the 500-plus kilos of additional mass blunt the X3’s inherent athleticism, and the combination of a lower ride height and rear-only traction mean customers should not go off-road in search of adventure.

The iX3 is exactly what it looks like: an electrified version of BMW’s best-seller. Well-equipped and great to drive, it represents an easy transition to green motoring.

The new BMW iX3 is the first electric SAV of the BMW X family that embodies the winning combination of sustainable electric technology and exceptional driving pleasure.

The iX3 is the first fully electric member of BMW X Family

Sporty BMW design,  premium interior, powerful Electric Powertrain, BMW style  performance.

Relatively a High price tag for an EV


C Segment SUV

74 kWh lithium ion battery, Electric Permanent magnet AC synchronous motors.

Single speed  Automatic All-wheel drive, electronic selection

Horse Power: 286  hp / Torque: 400M

 Km/h: 200
 0 to 100km/h : 6.8

Electric Range
WLTP Range 460km

Length 4734 mm
Width 1891 mm
Height 1668 mm
Wheelbase 2864 mm
Curb weight 2260 kg

JOD 63000

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