Geely Okavango: Modern family carrier at a bargain price

(Photo: Jihad Al-Khateeb)
Chinese Brand Geely, which has recently made ripples in the Jordanian car market, has just launched its largest offering, the all-new seven-seater MPV Okavango. اضافة اعلان

The exterior shape of the Okavango is consistent with the distinctive character of the Geely brand and its design language. The exterior design is strong and embraces the modern industrial style. The front has a modern-looking grille inspired by classic Geely designs; a double-track roof rack adds a sense of dynamism, and its streamlined body has a windproof design.

(Photo: Jihad Al-Khateeb)

While the elegant headlights and taillights reflect the elegance of the car, the ADB Matrix LED headlights coordinate with the front camera to scan road conditions 50 times per second. If the high beam is on, when there is a vehicle on the other side, the blocking plate in the headlight will be adjusted to block part of the high beam to prevent dazzling.

The car also features LED daytime running lights with a sharp edge and fog lights with a diamond clutch. Side mirrors, which show the turn signal, can be adjusted and folded electrically, and fold automatically when the engine is turned off; they also feature heating to defog and carry one of the car’s surround-view cameras.

The car is available with five-spoke aluminum wheels with anti-corrosion metallic paint in silver and gray. It also comes with a rain sensor to operate the windscreen wipers, which adjust speed according to the intensity of rain. A smart electric tailgate can be opened automatically.

Okavango belongs to a new class of cars, the cross MPV, or family car, with the 4x4 car. It is very spacious, with large space between the three rows, and it has 2,050 liters of boot space when the seats are folded, or a length of 2.2 meters.

The Okavango’s interior is practical and includes everything its passengers need in terms of comfort and entertainment for long trips: air conditioning vents and strong flow even for the third row, charging points, storage spaces, a 60-inch panoramic sunroof that can open fully, or open and place a sun canopy, tempered glass for the best levels of safety, a rainfall sensor with an automatic closing function, in addition to the feature that closes the roof automatically when the car is locked.

Geely has 121 mute features to reduce noise; the suspension and engine positions have been improved to reduce vibration and noise, the cooling fan blade has been designed to reduce noise, insulating parts have been added in the fuel tank and fuel tube to reduce noise fuel pump, there is an exhaust muffler system, and many more.

(Photo: Jihad Al-Khateeb)

A central 10.25-inch touch screen includes all applications and a 360-degree clear camera, which can be connected to the phone through a special application; there is also a 12.3-inch LED driver information screen that can be controlled with control buttons from the steering wheel, air vents with a distinctive design, buttons and a stick gear with advanced European design. The drive mode control knob includes multi-system controls.

Okavango comes with a 1.5-liter turbo engine with mild hybrid system, in addition to the 48 Volt electric assistant system, which reduces fuel consumption and increases torque and engine power.

The total power output is 190 hp and 300 Nm of torque with a seven-speed DCT automatic transmission that transmits power to the front wheels. The power is more than enough to perform tasks efficiently with moderate fuel consumption.

Safety is important for family cars; in the Okavango, safety and driving assistance systems are integrated, including reinforced chassis, six airbags, electronic stability system, climb assist, hill descent assistance, and of course radar systems, speed control, braking, automatic steering and lane keeping assist.

(Photos: Jihad Al-Khateeb)

All these advantages come at a very competitive price in the Jordanian market, starting from JD29,900, with an extended warranty of up to six years or 200,000 km, and a free maintenance contract for two years, including parts and wages.

Geely Okavango is a complete and compelling family choice for all who wish to experience a seven-seat family carrier robust in design and with advanced technologies.

"To each his own" translates to seven individual seats in the cabin of the Okavango, named after an African wetland.

European style design, energetic performance, and impressive family-sized interior.

Slight Turbo lag especially from standstill acceleration and engine noise despite good insulation.



3 cylinder 1.5L

Front-wheel drive seven-speed dual-clutch transmission.

Horse Power: 190hp
Torque: 300Nm

 Km/h: 195 (drag limited; claimed)
 0 to 100km/h: nine seconds (claimed)


Length 4835 mm
Width 1785mm
Height 1900 mm
Wheelbase 2815mm
Curb weight 1590 kg

Starting at JD29,900

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