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The Berlin Novels by Christopher Isherwood

2. The Berlin Novels by Christopher Isherwood
The Berlin Novels by Christopher Isherwood
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First published in the 1930s, The Berlin Stories contains two astonishing related novels, The Last of Mr. Norris and Goodbye to Berlin, which are recognized today as classics of modern fiction.اضافة اعلان

Isherwood magnificently captures 1931 Berlin: Charming; marvelously grotesque, with its nightlife and dreamers; dangerous, with its vice and intrigue; powerful and seedy, with its mobs and millionaires.

The Berlin Stories is inhabited by a wealth of characters: The unforgettable Sally Bowles; Mr. Norris, the improbable old debauchee mysteriously caught between the Nazis and the communists; plump Fräulein Schroeder; and the distinguished and doomed Jewish family, the Landauers.

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