Arab heroes: bridging cultures through stories

arab heroes adam bataineh
Arab Heroes, Adam Al-Bataineh. (Photo: Jordan News/Envato Elements)
AMMAN — The book "Arab Heroes" is a side project authored by Adam Al-Bataineh, which targets Arab children residing abroad who speak English and has been published on Amazon.اضافة اعلان

The book contains a collection of stories aimed at Arab families fluent in English. One common issue faced by many Arab parents, even those residing in Arab countries, is the lack of books specifically tailored for Arab children in the English language.

The book is suitable for children over the age of five. Its stories revolve around real Arab historical and contemporary figures and introduce them to children in an age-appropriate manner.

The chosen figures in the book span a wide spectrum, including scientists, researchers, artists, poets, engineers, and astronauts. Bataineh explained that he intentionally, "selected these figures from various regions of the Arab world."

Reinforcing identity
Bataineh emphasized his book’s connection to Arab identity. Pointing out that Arab children living in foreign countries often struggle to find content that resonates with their culture. He personally experienced a similar challenge during his childhood in Britain. In his book, he carefully selected historical figures from various parts of the Arab world, allowing children to relate to these figures on a personal level. For example, in the story of "Al-Kindi," he engages the child's imagination to understand Al-Kindi's childhood and thought process.

The feedback from parents has been overwhelmingly positive, and Bataineh's book represents a modest attempt to bridge the gap between Arab identity and Western culture, allowing Arab children to find their cultural roots. This book holds personal significance for him and his mission to inspire and educate young minds.

Future work
Bataineh initially published his collection of stories on Amazon, and recently, a major publishing house in the Arabian Gulf signed an agreement with him to publish the book in Gulf countries. He also expressed his intention to work on a revised edition of the book, including both Arabic and English languages in one volume. This way, both Arab and non-Arab children can benefit from it more effectively, learning both its content and its languages.

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