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A touching story on marriage, parenthood

Everyone is still alive
Everyone is still alive, Cathy Rentznbrink.
It is summer on Magnolia Road when Juliet moves into her late mother’s house with her husband Liam and their young son, Charlie. Preoccupied by guilt, grief, and the juggle of working motherhood, she can’t imagine finding time to get to know the neighboring families or fitting in with them. اضافة اعلان

But for Liam, a writer, the morning coffees and after-school gatherings reveal the secret struggles, fears, and rivalries playing out behind closed doors — all of which are going straight into his new novel.

Juliet tries to bury her unease and leave Liam to forge these new friendships. But when the rupture of a marriage sends ripples through the group, painful truths are brought to light. And then a single moment changes everything.

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