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December 2 2021 6:49 AM ˚
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A historical novel of a Circassian family in World War II

(Photo: Madonna on the Bridge)
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In 1942, Danya was asked to do the unthinkable. Already sentenced to death for distributing anti-fascist literature, German SS Commandant Heinrich Tauber offered her a chance at a reprieve — if she would produce new Aryan soldiers to replace those Germans killed in Russia. اضافة اعلان

As her wall of resistance weakens against the continuous onslaught from the SS, devilishly handsome and shrewd double agent Arie Habers intervenes and helps her go underground. 

Long ago, in a mountainous region of the northern Caucasus, lived a people totally lost to history, the Circassians. “Madonna on the Bridge” explores the culture of these long-forgotten people.

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