Soulful style: Ruh Mates blossom in fashion

Soulful style Ruh Mates blossom in fashion 16
(Photos: Ruh Mates)
Going off a playful spin of soulmates, Ruh Mates, which roughly translates to soul mates, specializes in a variety of handcrafted items such as bags, heels, and hair accessories, all adorned with innovative resin flower designs. Launched in April 2022 by its young founders Nada Dajani and Lana Al-Tarawneh, this venture encapsulates their profound passion fashion, art, style, and nature, all married in one special piece to accessorize into any wardrobe.اضافة اعلان

The early stages of Ruh Mates encountered numerous challenges, particularly in sourcing specific flower types and ensuring the quality of fabric and leather for their creations. Dajani and Tarawneh drew inspiration from a personal love for fashion and art, giving birth to one-of-a-kind pieces that can be styled for any occasion.

Also, if you love fashion, then definitely, follow them on Instagram to see 365 days of styling with Ruh Mates. The name "Ruh," meaning "spirit" in Arabic, symbolizes the essence of flowers infused into each piece, while "Mates" reflects the friendship the two founders, blending a mix of their mother tongue, Arabic, and a homage to some modernity with a western twist.

The hallmark of their designs: flowers
A hallmark of their designs is the incorporation of distinctive flowers, ensuring unmatched uniqueness. The positive reception and absence of negative feedback testify to the admiration and love people have for their creations. The consistent draw for customers lies in the high quality, artistic finesse, and intricate detailing.

The creative duo constantly aspires to craft even more exceptional designs, with the ultimate goal of catering to diverse age groups. Future plans involve expanding the product range to accommodate varying tastes.

Sourcing goes even as far as the Netherlands
Their products showcase an eclectic mix of local and international flowers. Recognizing the significance of flowers, the founders even embarked on a journey to the Netherlands to source and preserve a myriad of flower types, leveraging the country's renowned floral diversity.

Tarawneh emphasizes their commitment to producing designs suitable for various occasions. Crafting each bag design takes five to seven days, while custom designs vary based on complexity.

A duo in their craft
Drawing from their experience, the duo has honed their craft, mastering the art of infusing uniqueness and innovation into their products. In addition to flowers, their designs also incorporate stones, adding an extra layer of sophistication.

The overwhelming support from family, friends, and their close-knit community has fortified their endeavor, as their idea resonates across age groups. First-time customers often become loyal patrons, a testament to the allure of their designs.

As far as inspiring the next group of young entrepreneurs and designers, Dajani told Jordan News for young individuals to relentlessly pursue their passions, even in the face of obstacles. She underscores that every project entail challenges that can be overcome with determination.

Their goal is crystal clear: to provide products catering to all genders' preferences and ensuring customer satisfaction.

One of Ruh-Mates' satisfied customers, Shahd Issa, can attest to the irresistible charm of their designs, particularly their heels and bags, which she proudly showcases to Jordan News, adding a unique and killer fashion touch to her outfits. She enthusiastically shares that these designs spark curiosity among onlookers, prompting inquiries about their origin. Shahd also underscores the challenge of finding gifts that truly leave a lasting impact, a gap that Ruh-Mates' designs beautifully bridge. She even shares a heartwarming anecdote of having the flowers from her engagement ceremony incorporated into one of their bags—a touching testament to the enduring memories these pieces help create.

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