Layan Mubaidien: Fine jewelry, minimalist and modest designs

Fine jewelry from Layan Mubaidien (Photo: Handout from Layan Mubaidien)
AMMAN — The Jordanian jewelry designer, Layan Mubaidien, creates ethical and sustainable luxury jewelry for every day. The designs are inspired by her daily life. By using natural diamonds and precious stones, the designer creates unique jewelry pieces that are minimalist and modest. She discovered her love for jewelry at a young age. اضافة اعلان

“After having my first son, I quit my full-time job as a teacher and thought it was time to start my own business doing something I love and enjoy,” said Mubaidien, founder of Layan Mubaidien Fine Jewelry, in an interview with Jordan News.

Fine jewelry from Layan Mubaidien (Photo: Handout from Layan Mubaidien)

Layan Mubaidien Fine Jewelry was founded in 2018, the project began with an 18 karat gold design with natural diamonds and precious stones. The designer takes pride in providing high quality, unique and trendy jewelry.

“Since I was young, jewelry has always caught my eye, it has been the centerpiece of my attention, and I used to design my jewelry pieces even before launching my own jewelry line.” Mubaidien said.

She said that most customers are searching for modest luxury jewelry that can be worn every day. She added that jewelry designers must stay up to date and keep pace with fashion because people are looking for everything that is new and trendy, but also said that the pieces should combine modernity and elegance.

Fine jewelry from Layan Mubaidien (Photo: Handout from Layan Mubaidien)

“I design jewelry pieces with a more classic and elegant design with a touch of modernism,” Mubaidien said. “Buying diamonds is more like an investment.”

“Each of my collections is created to be light and comfortable, timeless, and with a focus on the finer points. I focus on developing pieces that can be fashioned in a variety of ways for today's women,” she said.

Mubaidien jewelry collections showcase the beauty of flaws and serve as alternatives to classic pieces that women desire in their jewelry boxes. Each one of her pieces is a one-of-a-kind, with natural diamonds and precious stones, and their beauty lies in the details of each piece.

Fine jewelry from Layan Mubaidien (Photo: Handout from Layan Mubaidien)

She said that it is important to know where materials used in making jewelry come from and to make sure they're ethically sourced. Moreover, 18 karat gold is more suitable for the composition of precious pieces with diamonds.

She said the gold jewelry industry in Jordan is highly competitive, Mubaidien said. “I aim to break the mold with my designs by using a variety of colors and styles, which gives my collections a unique identity,” she said.

The designer learned the basics of the craft by herself and worked on developing her design skills and producing pieces without taking any workshop or course. Mubaidien said that in her craft, a designer never stops learning.

Fine jewelry from Layan Mubaidien (Photo: Handout from Layan Mubaidien)

She said that she aims to expand her jewelry line, and would one day like to have her own boutique, in addition to an official website, through which she can ship to the region and the world.

Mubaidien said that social media plays the main role in helping her market her business. She said that in the gold and diamond industry a great deal of trust between business owners and customers is needed.

“It was a challenge at the beginning to convince people to buy a piece of gold or diamonds through social media, and then it took off by word of mouth,” she said.

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