Meet the reality stars bringing the bling to Dubai

1. Dubai Bling
Netflix reality series Dubai Bling gives a glimpse into the lives of some of the UAE city’s ultra-wealthy. (Photo: Netflix)
Dubai: it is a top global destination for opulence and over-the-top luxury, and — quite predictably -— home to millionaires.

One new Netflix reality series follows the personal and professional lives of some of the city’s uber-wealthy, revealing beneath the gilded surface of gossip and glitter, perhaps unsurprisingly, little true substance. It is a superficial world in which these actors, most of them women, orbit like planets from dinner parties to shopping malls, and around and around again.اضافة اعلان

Dubai Bling’s cast members, part of the same social group, meet often in the show to uncover complicated histories and play out dramatic confrontations. The first season’s eight episodes are rife with tantrums, spending, and gossip sessions, with a fair enough share of heartwarming moments thanks to bonds of friendship and love.

Radio’s voice and two divas
From cars and exotic resorts to lavish properties and cutting-edge fashion, every cast member brings some bling to Dubai.

There is Kris Fade, who runs UAE morning radio’s Kris Fade Show and emcees fancy events. Kris has gained attention around the world through various segments of his show. The Australian-Lebanese host became a household name in the country after establishing himself as a top radio personality and founder of protein snack company Fade Fit.

When he is not behind a microphone, Kris is the father of two children and husband of his “queen”, Briana Fade, who is also brand manager at Fade Fit.

Farhana Bodi is a 36-year-old entrepreneur who was born in India and raised in South Africa, and currently lives in the UAE with her son, Aydin. After starting a page as a fashion content creator, Farhana went on to gain over 1.4 million followers worldwide.

Safa Siddiqui, a 32-year-old Iraqi-Briton, is a fashion designer and handbag enthusiast — her social media is full of Hermès and Chanel.

A wealthy widow and a debonair DJ
Lojain “LJ” Adada, a 35-year-old California-born, Lebanese-raised model and TV presenter, is the widow of Arab billionaire Walid Juffali. The two married in Venice in 2012 when Adada was 25 and remained together until Juffali’s death in 2016. She has two daughters.

LJ is known for several series including Good Morning Arabs!, The Situation with Lojain , Ya Hala , Around the Gulf, and Eve’s World. One of the most famous media personalities in the Middle East, she has 10 million Instagram followers, and in 2017, Forbes included LJ as number 55 on their list of top 100 Arab celebrities.

Marwan Al-Awadhi, the first Emirati DJ to make waves in the region, is now widely known by his stage name, DJ Bliss. With his wife, The duo are the first Emiratis to appear on the reality TV show.
The first season’s eight episodes are rife with tantrums, spending, and gossip sessions, with a fair enough share of heartwarming moments thanks to bonds of friendship and love.
DJ Bliss broke into the mainstream as the host of This Is the Entertainment on Dubai One and the radio show The Real Flavor on Channel 4 in Dubai. In 2016, he became the first Emirati DJ/artist to have a number-one album, Made in Dubai, on iTunes.

The real estate queen and the richest of them all
Zeina Khoury, Dubai Bling’s resident real estate queen, is a graduate of London Business School and CEO and Growth Director of Premium Real Estate, a brokerage firm specializing in luxury properties in the UAE. She hosts a real estate-themed Instagram Live show called Real Estate Negotiations with Zeina every Monday at 9pm. Born and raised in Lebanon, the 38-year-old moved to Dubai in 2006. She is married with two children, daughter Alexa and son Joey.

Ebraheem Al Samadi, a 34-year-old businessman, is the richest of them all, with a net worth of over $50 million. The entrepreneur was born in Kuwait and raised in the US and is founder and CEO of the business Eternal Rose and the 2D-themed Forever Rose Café.

Is it really reality?
As with most reality shows, many viewers are curious about how authentic Dubai Bling actually is, and whether all the onscreen events are as real as the producers would have you believe.

Indeed, there are many situations that seem just too orchestrated to be true. For example, in the first interaction portrayed between cast members Farhana and Loujain, the two women — apparently past enemies — are seated next to each other at a dinner party. Coincidence? Probably not. It is the perfect arrangement to spark drama, which is known reality-TV fodder.

This was probably a deliberate decision on the part of the producers to introduce viewers to the animosity between the two women, a move that detracts from the “reality” of the series, but adds to the excitement of the scene, keeping audiences hooked. Orchestrated situations like this one aside, the events of the series generally feel authentic, and are enhanced by the confessional interviews and tight editing.

In short, certain aspects of Dubai Bling have certainly been dramatized to increase the entertainment factor. But that is not to say that everything about the show is fake. Instead, the producers have carefully added a bit of flair here and there to make the show more enjoyable and addictive.

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