Why did Washington reveal its secrets to Jordan?

Maher abu tair
Maher Abu Tair (Photo: Jordan News)
In a report published by UK newspaper The Guardian, there was information about Washington passing on security intelligence to Jordan regarding a plan to sow chaos in the country, with the exchange of information said to be conducted after the new US administration took office.اضافة اعلان

When the new US president was asked about what was happening in Jordan in the early days of the sedition case, he said “Stay strong, you have a friend here,” addressing the King, publicly and explicitly in front of reporters. In this scenario, Washington was not merely protecting an ally.

It is evident from the statement that the US administration was not surprised by the events concerning the efforts to cause chaos in the Kingdom, which proves that the Americans were already aware of the sensitive case and its details.

The new US administration’s agenda seems to be to ruin the reputation of its predecessor, particularly that of former president Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner. Kushner’s redrawing of regional maps and implementation of “solution”’ at the expense of Jordan and the Palestinian cause seems to be the driving force for the new administration’s efforts to paint the Trump administration as reckless in undermining of regional allies’ security.

The passing of information from the US to Jordan, and the Jordanian response, achieved two objectives for Washington. The first is protecting Jordan, and the second is settling US domestic accounts against the former president and his gambling son-in-law, who was planning to achieve his desired goals should the former president have been relected. Kushner’s envisioned maps would require changes on many levels in Jordan and maybe other Arab countries, all for the protection of Israel.

The current US administration is also in league with Israel, but it is not one that gambles. Its alliance with Israel does not necessarily mean allowing soft coup plans that would lead to unlimited chaos.

The new US president’s relationship with Jordan is good; the King is set to visit Washington this summer, and the US secretary of state was in Amman recently, in relation to the recent violence against Palestinians. The relationship with Washington is a fundamental one for Jordanian diplomacy, even if we are still waiting for more support towards Jordan on the one hand, and regional causes on the other.

The US’ stance towards Jordan is good, but it doesn’t seem sufficient. There is an economic crisis in Jordan that requires the US to consider all forms of support; either directly or through its allies. A weak Jordan in an unstable region would be costly, and anyone familiar with the economic situation would realize that the crisis is deepening by the day.

If Washington has specific criteria for supporting allies, it needs to review those criteria for the entirely of Jordan; the political and socioeconomic situation of Jordan requires it. The root causes of tensions and flare-ups need to be addressed.

What many are not aware of is that the last two years of the former US president’s term were extremely difficult for Jordan, as the former administration has closed all its doors to the Kingdom, dried up political communications, and weakened logistical communications, with only a few exceptions. The King’s annual visit to the US, during which he meets with the president, did not take place, and high-level phone calls stopped. The former president and his dear son-in-law do not understand balance, and only know how to do one thing: You either follow me in all arenas, or I block you, suffocate you, and plan to get you and destabilize you by all means necessary.

Jordan breathed a sigh of relief with the departure of the former president. Sadly, the public sometimes does not believe in the existence of conspiracies. They believe because Jordan is a strategic ally of the US, it wouldn’t happen. However, the Trump-Netanyahu duo was suffocating, pressuring, and threatening Jordan in a soft and quiet manner.

Putting Jordan’s domestic issues in order is the life raft for the Kingdom in the face of threats and conspiracies, because a cohesive and unified domestic front is the key for survival, strength, and stability, before we consider the support of any ally.

Indeed, our most primary and safest ally, is ultimately ourselves.

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