The state rules: The Constitution is our judge

Fahed Khitan (Photo: JNews)
In Jordan, we know no ruler or regulator for the relationship between the state and the people, or that among state institutions, other than the Constitution. Anything outside the boundaries of the Constitution, or that seeks to go over it, is an infringement and assault on the state and the people that requires firm retribution.اضافة اعلان

A century has passed since the establishment of the state, which these days is celebrating entering its second centennial. At each of its historical milestones, the transition of power was subject to the articles and provisions of the Constitution.

In this context, the Constitution was the sole source of legitimacy, which provided stability and resilience to Jordan and its parliamentary-based Hashemite system.

The first decades of the Kingdom’s first century were not all years of stability; there were dozens of attempted coups on the state and the Constitution, but they all failed, and the Constitution and the parliamentary hereditary monarchal system remained standing.

Anyone who believes that after a hundred years they can overthrow rooted traditions, settle personal accounts, and achieve self-ambitions outside the power of the Constitution and the law are wrong.

The King represents constitutional legitimacy, and with his constitutionally stipulated rights and duties that were agreed upon by the nation, he is head of the state, the guarantor of its Constitution, and the commander of its armed forces. Conspiring against him is treason against the nation and its Constitution.

The stability and durability of Jordan has historically been tied to the stability of the institution of the Throne, and any attempt to tamper with this formula will subject the Kingdom to a state of instability, which we have experienced before, and no Jordanian would ever allow its recurrence.

The past decade was a cruel lesson that taught us the meaning and value of stability, security, and civil peace. We have witnessed how countries around us were manipulated by foreign parties that left their peoples drowning in blood and homelessness.

Each reform and development process for our political system was conducted in accordance with the Constitution, not outside its jurisdiction, with consensus between its components and under the leadership of the Throne.

Jordan, considering its geopolitical location, is deemed a coveted treasure; its stability and durability are vital for the countries of the region, but is in a location that is tempting for exploitation and manipulation with the aim of achieving gains to some sides on various fronts.

When those around us feel that Jordan is strong and internally cohesive, they submit to the reality, but once they find a fissure, they do not hesitate to infiltrate.