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Mosaica gears up for a new season

Conductor Nedy Muna (center) with a group of children from the Mosaica Kids Choir. (Photo: Handout from Mosaica)
It starts with their name, which pleasantly conjures up one of Jordan’s best known cultural heritage symbols, mosaics, but it hardly ends there, of course. Mosaica, the country’s popular and award-winning choir is back, and happy to demonstrate its energy, creativity, talent, and its deep love for music.اضافة اعلان

The Jordanian ensemble, led by relentless Nedy Muna, is happily practicing and rehearsing again, preparing for a series of concerts that will take place in December in Amman for a first set, and in March 2022 for a second set. The repertoire, true to the singers’ now well-established tradition will include songs in English and in Arabic, and sometimes in other languages too, but they are keeping it as a surprise.

Mosaica is known for the implementation of their trademark arrangements of the music they choose to interpret, and that usually consist of a subtle blend of Western and Oriental structures and sonic flavors. The result is songs that sound familiar and new at the same time. They manage to innovate while sticking to tradition, a real tour de force.

For this major Mosaica-is-back endeavor, the project will involve more than just the main choir performances. Indeed, as Nedy Muna and Siba Zada, Mosaica’s communication and marketing officer, explained to Jordan News during an interview, the ensemble will host the Mosaica Kids choir and that itself will have two groups, one for the 7 to 10 age group, led by Zein Rabadi, and one for the 11 to 14 age group, led by Nedy Muna himself.

Interestingly, they are also setting up a choir for a third age group, this one for those above 40, which they’ve decided to call The Golden Voices. Earlier this month, Jordan News was invited to attend one rehearsal of the main Mosaica vocal ensemble and one of the Golden Voices. Suffice it to say that their enthusiasm is second to none and is even infectious. All Mosaica vocal groups transcend the sheer beauty of the human voice.

Also, on Mosaica’s roadmap is to establish new music teaching entities that will be providing purely academic music courses. For the very young group for the ages 5 to 7, the Kodaly method will be used. Considered as a modern approach to teaching music to children, the method was recognized by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2016. It is known as a very effective system that allows children to acquire musical skills quickly, by leveraging the intuitive part of the human personality at this tender age.

By allowing all age groups to enjoy the fine art of choral work, and by including academic courses in their global program, Mosaica is playing a significant role in the music scene in Jordan and making a precious contribution to art in the country.

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