Let's tell our story to the world

Khalid Dalal (Photo: Jordan News)
Khalid Dalal (Photo: Jordan News)
Celebrating Jordan's centenary is not only a national priority; it is a lot more than that.

The centenary is a lifestyle and a great story to be told, not only to the local audience, who are the pillar of this story, but to a larger audience across the world. This is an endless process that should have clear objectives, a set timeframe for each stage, and the right tactical components.اضافة اعلان

Yes, we need the general public in Jordan, especially the youth, to know how our country, leaders, and people toiled to place their homeland on the world map and build it as a great player and a role model for others, with a noticeable record of success and a realistic understanding of what has gone wrong and why it has gone off course.

The reform process underway is one manifestation of the profound and realistic understanding on the part of our leadership of what we need to do.

In fact, His Majesty King Abdullah's seven Discussion Papers serve as the best reference framework for this understanding, and are being used as such by the Royal Committee to Modernize the Political System, as it meets to revamp political life in the Kingdom.

Indeed, we need the younger generation to grow up aware of what the founding fathers, and the generations that came in the aftermath of the inception, have achieved to render the country the place where we are living in now: a true survivor with an amazing ability to turn challenges into opportunities.

In the outcome, we are a constantly challenged nation, but one that is respected by the world, despite the gaps in the structure we have built and sustained. Regardless of what the pessimists would say, the undeniable fact remains that Jordan is a country of stability, unlimited ambition, moderation, a genuine desire to live and let live without interfering in others' affairs, a huge wealth of brains, a high rate of literacy, and, above all, a remarkable tendency for excellence, evident in particular in Jordanians who are recruited to help build other countries.

Building on all of that, the centenary is an opportunity to highlight these attributes to the world. It is a legitimate PR campaign with accessible and effective tools, which should evolve into a culture.

We have the substance, the talent, and the right channels to convey our messages to the world, in tandem and harmony with the domestic campaign. Producing a documentary in English and other widely spoken languages scripted by trustworthy historians and produced by top talents is one way to do it. With the right connections with media organizations worldwide, these productions will be viewed by dozens, or even hundreds of millions across the globe. In this context, we need to mobilize our diplomatic missions to connect the PR campaign with the right target audiences internationally.

Direct messaging, of course, is not the way to do it. A documentary about an ancient monument, a place, or a national cultural symbol might do the job without the need to spoon-feed the audience. That is why intellectuals should handle this mandate, with an unconventional mentality that grasps the spirit of the age of information and utilizes the psychology of the masses to make sure that the messages get across. We have to be fair to ourselves by believing in ourselves first and writing our story with our own hands. No one will do that on our behalf.

As we brace for this historic responsibility, make no mistake; this is not the job of government officials alone. All stakeholders should be part of it, including the private sector, which can contribute funding to the endeavor, as well as academic and media institutions and Jordanian communities abroad.

We need to start now, and put our story on the world stage. Let's do it.

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