Lessons behind the world support for Jordan

Khalid Dalal
Khalid Dalal (Photo: JNews)
The sedition was “nipped in the bud”, as His Majesty King Abdullah has said of the attempt on the country’s national security, and it’s a bygone.
اضافة اعلان
Still, there are lessons we have learned from this episode, among which is how significant and vital the Kingdom’s stability is to the international community. The world’s message was that of utter support for His Majesty and HRH Crown Prince Al-Hussein bin Abdullah, and the measures the leadership took to eradicate the plot and uproot it. It was nothing less than a consensus among world leaders that our country is the linchpin in the regional peace, and any threat to it will have consequences beyond its boundaries.

The world’s response was swift, loud, and clear, from the US, EU, UK, and the rest of the long list of key regional and global players who are well aware that amidst this chaos in our part of the world, Jordan has been the bright spot and the voice of moderation, wisdom, and reason.

On Wednesday, US President Joe Biden reiterated Washington’s message of support for Jordan and for the King. As the leader was leaving the conference room, a reporter asked him about the nature of the phone call with His Majesty and the reply was he had phoned the King “to tell him he has a friend in America. Stay strong”.

Strong it is, never less, never compromising on the national constants, never missing any opportunity to render the homeland more prosperous, more resilient, and safer. All these efforts exerted by His Majesty, over 22 years, to earn Jordan this lofty status among world countries and building bridges of understanding and cooperation with partners across the globe have paid off. This is the least to say of such a great leader with this charisma and these sincere intentions as a peace maker and a true builder.

Along with the decisiveness with which the authorities handled the crisis, and the transparency in reporting the developments to the public, the backing Jordan received from friends and brothers came, first as a reassurance to all of us here in Jordan, and second as a wake-up call to any delusional party or individual that messing with our national security is a dangerous game with known-in-advance results. It is playing with fire.

The people know it, so do the foes and friends alike across the world: The leadership, represented in King Abdullah and the Crown Prince, is our safety valve and uniting behind them is the path to the future we seek. And all now know, as put by the King in his Wednesday’s letter to the nation, that “nothing, and no one comes before Jordan’s security and stability, and it was imperative to take the necessary measures to honor that responsibility”.

With all this behind us, His Majesty sets the uncompromisable principle that leads our way forward. He stressed that all future actions “will be rooted in the criterion that defines all our decisions — the nation’s interest and the interest of our loyal people”.

We will walk tall and remain as proud and faithful to the Hashemite legacy as ever, willing to pay the price for our positions, and we shall prevail.