Jordan has basketball talent … but

Samer Taha
Samer Taha (Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — The Asia Women’s Cup ended in success, led by efforts from the temporary committee, which proved that Jordan is capable of hosting major international tournaments.اضافة اعلان

Jordanian basketball has a great reputation, especially at the men’s level: a team that qualified twice for the World Cup, but where is Jordanian basketball heading?

In terms of women’s basketball, only Orthodox and Fuheis are preservers of women’s basketball in Jordan. The revived sports club, Al-Riyadi, returns after attracting Dunes Club players, but is this enough? We still lack proper planning and I hope that the results will not be catastrophic, as we move into hosting the FIBA Women’s Asia Cup Group B.

I am aware of the fact that there are participating Arab teams, in addition to Iran, Uzbekistan, and Malaysia, but what we witnessed in the championship and the difference in the level of Jordanian players compared to other players of other teams does not bode well. I hope that a high-caliber player will be naturalized so that she can, with the help of other local players, demonstrate an honorable performance.

I do not blame any player; I blame the whole system and the weakness of the clubs, because there are talented women thirsting for training and competition in Jordan.

What we have seen from the A-level matches has demonstrated that we are light years away from that level. A-level teams preformed at a high level and entertained us with matches and world-class performances.

I am also afraid that we will fail considerably at the B-level, especially with the modesty of the level of the local players.

As for men’s basketball, we still depend on non-Jordanian players and talent from abroad. We also still lack a system for development, as is the case for women.

I hope that there will be reconsideration, especially in the structure of basketball, and for juniors and youth. Again, we have talent, but we need a plan.

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