Jordan grows about 50 million flowers annually

flower flowers
(Photo: Envato Elements)
AMMAN — Jordan grows about 50 million flowers annually, and imports about 5,487 kilograms of dried and prepared flowers at a value of JD12,637, according to 2019 data by the Department of Statistics.اضافة اعلان

According to Ad-Dustour, Head of the Jordanian Association for Cut Flowers and Ornamental Plants Mazen Al-Ghalayini said that Mother’s Day is essential for flower traders in Jordan.

He said that traders face obstacles and challenges, most notably the high cost of production, water prices, labor wages, and some procedural interventions by the Greater Amman Municipality, pointing out that the high production costs stopped the export of flowers produced in Jordan to other countries.

Ghalayini said that there are 47 flower growers in Jordan, and about 27 types of flowers, while Jordan imports flowers from Kenya, Holland, India and Ethiopia.

Flower Grower Youssef Al-Khatib said that Mother’s Day consumes about 30 percent of farmers’ production of a year, as it provides farmers with an occasion to sell multiple varieties of flowers, more than any other occasion.

He added that “the cold weather conditions this year affected the timing of production,” hoping that the conditions required for growing flowers would gradually improve.

Khatib said that the demand for flowers for this year’s Mother’s Day season has been very good, as flower growers were able to sell almost all of their crops, pointing out that the pandemic disrupted the sales movement, but opening of sectors and allowing social events and celebrations to be held accelerated the sector’s recovery.

Director of the Central Market Department in the Greater Amman Municipality Kassab Al-Shakhanbeh said that the municipality’s role is regulatory in the flower exchange, as it rents its buildings to flower marketing companies.

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