In a competitive market, Sisters-handmade relies on unique style to stand out

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AMMAN — From winking avocados and smiling bananas to multicolored pumpkins and mug covers, Jordanian-based sisters Haniya and Mai Nofal make them all. As local competition increases, the sisters are committed to maintaining their own signature style.اضافة اعلان

Their brainchild, Sisters-handmade, started at home, where they made small, handmade crocheted pieces for their family and friends.

(Photos: Sisters-handmade)

“The encouragement we received ... motivated us to establish our small business," Mai told Jordan News. Established in 2015, it specializes in handmade, customized products.

Having first started with crocheted mug covers, the sisters expanded their line of products to include toys, key chains, and Quran covers.

(Photos: Sisters-handmade)

The quality and safety of their products is a key point of concern for the Nofal sisters, which is why they use cotton thread — it’s also hypoallergenic.
Sisters-handmade’s products have made their way far across the world, finding homes in Canada, Qatar, and the US, among others, via Jordan Post. "We also displayed our products in many places other than our online shop, such as Shaba Al Ward and Cheya Gallery," Haniya said.

(Photos: Sisters-handmade)

For its marketing, the small business initially relied primarily on Facebook, but found greater success on Instagram as they posted more of their artwork. The platform allowed them to stay more connected with their clients, too, and keep up with trends. By making use of sponsored ads, the sisters ensured they attracted as many customers as they could.

As competition among handmade businesses increased, Sisters-handmade have strived to achieve their own signature style and avoid being influenced by other products. Their hope is that by creating products that reflect the passion they have for their craft, they can make the products their clients are looking for.

(Photos: Sisters-handmade)

“Everything related to (art) will have a competitive market,” Haniya said. “The final touches of each piece are what’s going to distinguish you from others and will make you thrive in the market.”

Competition means you always have to look for new ideas and implement them in new and unique ways — copying others will result in meaningless pieces, she said.

Time is also a key element in handmade products. It could be considered the primary limitation of the process. Sisters-handmade is trying to overcome this problem by expanding.

A recurring issue the business faces is the demand for cheaper products, but, Haniya said, handmade products cannot be as cheap as some people want. “In the Jordanian market, if you provided your clients with handmade products at a low cost, there would be a huge turnout. Consequently, we are trying to make offers for the products so we can reduce their costs," she said.

Rana Al-Qasrawi, a Sisters-handmade customer, told Jordan News that what she appreciates about the sisters’ products is the creativity and authenticity that goes into each piece.

“I got to know Sisters-handmade through social media. ... I ordered many products from them and the results were astonishing," Qasrawi said. Additionally, she was impressed with the business’ customer service.

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