Designer Fun Time: An inherited passion

Pieces from Designer Fun Time, an online store that specializes in unique jewelry. (Photo: Handouts from Seba Tareq)
AMMAN — Seba Tareq was surrounded by creativity and jewelry designing from a young age, as her mother used to create accessories and sell them as well. Tareq’s mother passed down her knowledge to her daughter, and Tareq’s passion grew from it.اضافة اعلان

During her undergraduate degree, Tareq decided to study design and visual communication in order to stay close to the designing field. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its lockdowns she could not find a suitable job opportunity to start her career.

“During COVID-19, I could not find a job, and my passion for making jewelry and coming up with ideas encouraged me to start my business,” Tareq told Jordan News.

In 2020, Tareq established Designer Fun Time, an online store, to display and sell her jewelry.

Pieces from Designer Fun Time, an online store that specializes in unique jewelry. (Photo: Handouts from Seba Tareq) 

However, Designer Fun Time’s activities are not limited to selling her products through her social media accounts as she has participated in some events and displayed her work in booths, including a booth at Abdali Mall in September and Jabal Luweibdeh in November.

Eventually, Tareq aims to a permanent place where she can display her work. “Now I am looking for places to display my products at, and if the clients want to have a similar piece but customized, they can reach me via my online store,” she said.

Currently, she is planning to set a booth during Christmas in Abdali Mall, or Sweifieh Village.

Tareq uses beads, charms, chains, strings, and resin in her jewelry as they are the most readily available in Jordan, allowing her to save on the cost of importing supplies keeping the final prices of her products affordable.
“The majority of Designer Fun Time clients are between the ages of 11 to 20, and I want them to have special pieces that they can afford,” she said.

When designing a new piece, Tareq uses her imagination to visualize the colors and decide the most suitable material for the design. After coming up with the ideas, she sketches the final design and then creates it. 

Her designs also keep up with trends and take into consideration customer demands. “To create a new design, I think about products that I am willing to put on as well. For instance, I think about designs that can fit my style. Also, I try to make my design style in line with the trends, but I apply personal touches in order to have unique pieces,” she said.

Pieces from Designer Fun Time, an online store that specializes in unique jewelry. (Photo: Handouts from Seba Tareq) 

Tareq’s childhood inspired her to sell specific products in her store. She said that when she was young, she practiced her skills with her mother by using some toys. For example, she used to have a toy that included a bag full of beads to make personal accessories.

Now, she sells similar kits for girls to encourage them to design their own accessories.

Tareq said that each designer has something that distinguishes them from others. She believes that what distinguishes Designer Fun Time is her design and the way she displays the products due to her undergraduate studies, where she acquired the skill of photography.

She said that: “The Jewelry designing industry in Jordan is very competitive as there are many talents in the field, but in many cases, we can see that there are some designers who are copying each other. I would like to see people who come up with ideas that reflect their style to make the designing industry thrive with unique ideas.”

Tareq offers the option for customers to customize products with their names and colors they prefer so they can feel included in the stores' unique take on accessories.

From Tareq's perspective, the most challenging thing about jewelry designing is producing a piece similar to the one she visualized and sketched. However, the process of designing is relaxing for her, and the positive feedback she receives from her clients pushes her to continue and to do better.

Pieces from Designer Fun Time, an online store that specializes in unique jewelry. (Photo: Handouts from Seba Tareq) 

Furthermore, she found that arranging the orders and having an efficient delivery service was a challenge at first. “At first, it was hard for me to tell the clients when their orders would arrive,” she said.

Tareq was surprised by the positive reactions and support she received from Designer Fun Time. She believes that people were waiting for a designer who does what she does in Amman when she opened her business.

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