Honest Cow: Promoting organic, hormone free produce

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Honest Cow is a farm that promotes organic, hormone and antibiotic free produce. (Photos: Handouts from Honest Cow)
AMMAN — The Isied family has had a cow farm since the 1990s, and in 2000 the family began promoting homemade foods for sale. In 2006, they opened a market center in Rainbow Street that was unsuccessful due to street closures and renovations. اضافة اعلان

In 2020, Juliane Strub, Nour Isied, and Dawoud Isied launched Honest Cow, an online hub that promotes natural dairy products and hormone and antibiotic-free products.

Honest Cow seeks to connect the producer and the customer by creating a delivery platform for their products that is active two days a week, Mondays and Thursdays, Dawoud shared in an interview with Jordan News. “One of THE most important products we have is fresh milk,” he added.

Honest Cow does not only sell products that they are produced on their farms, but they also support local communities from various governorates by selling their products. “For example, we take flour from Irbid, and dried foods from individuals in Azarq, and jams from women who make them in their houses,” said Dawoud.

Honest Cow is a farm that promotes organic, hormone and antibiotic free produce. (Photos: Handouts from Honest Cow)

According to Dawoud, the online hub seeks to improve their staff’s skills by training them on specific standards such as professionalism, packaging and delivering the products, and time management.

One of the Honest Cow’s missions is to ensure that the locals who are selling their products via their online hub decide the prices using a specific criterion.
“At Honest Cow, we do not decide the prices, and we do not sell them at a higher rate than the one we agreed on with the producer. So, locals who sell their products with us make the same amount they offered to sell the product for. We only add around 10 percent and sometimes even less than that, plus the delivery fees,” he said.

Promoting health products is another critical mission at Honest Cow and sustainable agriculture, which is hormone-free. “Most of our cow’s food is from our farm and the other products such as grains as corns we try to make their source is free from GMOs. We are trying to make all of our products as organic as possible,” he said.   

Dawoud shared that reaching a point where all their products are organic is their goal, especially because being fully organic is currently a challenge that people face. To achieve this level, Dawoud shared: “We are trying to produce and sell natural products. For instance, we do not feed our cows animal protein. We only give them vegetable protein and fresh food. This is what makes our clients love our fresh milk.”

Before adding any new product to Honest Cow, Dawoud said that they look at the ingredients, how the product was produced, and if it fits a certain set of standards. If it did not, they would look for ways to transform it to reach their standards.    

“All of our food is eco-friendly as everything is natural from producing it to the packaging. Also, they are produced in traditional ways to reduce electricity and fuel usage and prevent the use of chemicals at all,” he said.

Honest Cow seeks to produce rich in flavors and help families that depend on selling their products to make a living. However, some people complain that their prices are high.

Honest Cow is a farm that promotes organic, hormone and antibiotic free produce. (Photos: Handouts from Honest Cow)

“To be honest, these days, the financial situation of many Jordanians is hard. Therefore, many of them, except for a certain class, feel like our products are somewhat expensive. However, based on the quality of our products they are not expensive. People look at the prices more than the quality of the products,” said Dawoud.

To encourage trust between them and the customer, Honest Cow offers its clients the opportunity to come to the farm and see how they produce their products.

Honest Cow’s main challenges are the lack of a healthy and organic eating culture in Jordan and the lack of curiosity and care regarding knowing the food source.

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