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Abwaab: Making education accessible

Left to right: Hussein Al-Sarabi, co-founder and CTO of Abwab, Hamdi Tabbaa, co-founder and CEO, and Sabri Hakim, co-founder and COO. (Photo: Handout from Abwab)
Left to right: Hussein Al-Sarabi, co-founder and CTO of Abwaab, Hamdi Tabbaa, co-founder and CEO, and Sabri Hakim, co-founder and COO. (Photo: Handout from Abwaab)
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AMMAN — Interactive content, lessons, and expert tutors are available at any time on a single platform that aspires to change students’ learning away from classrooms.اضافة اعلان

Abwaab, meaning “doors”, is an educational platform founded in 2019. It aims to deliver high-quality academic education to students in the Middle East and North Africa through technology, said Hamdi Tabbaa, CEO and co-founder of Abwaab, in an interview with Jordan News.

Through their experience in technology, Tabbaa and his partners, Hussein Al Sarabi, co-founder and CTO, and Sabri Hakim, co-founder and COO, noticed that as technology develops, it becomes possible to reach a large number of individuals and provide them with high-level services.

“Access to quality education in the Arab world is minimal; as a result, more students are forced to seek private tutoring to get through their school years. For most, this option is costly,” Tabbaa explained, adding that Abwaab provides students with affordable and accessible high-quality educational resources.

Currently, Abwaab covers the Jordanian national curriculum. Tabbaa said that the platform aims to assist in strengthening school education, not replacing it. Additionally, it offers the Jordanian national curriculum for grades 6-12 divided into engaging concept-based video lessons, continuous assessment, and performance-tracking features with programs customized for each country.

“With Abwaab, students get to embark on an engaging learning journey that takes them from one lesson to another, testing their knowledge with inspiring quizzes along the way,” the co-founder said. Furthermore, the platform allows students to interact with teachers and other students by asking questions and writing comments.

“Parents have requested to expand the platform to include all grades,” Tabbaa said. “What matters most to Abwaab is to provide the highest quality of education to the largest number of students across Arab countries.”

When the entrepreneurs launched the platform in February 2020, they started introducing content for the 12th-grade national curriculum (tawjihi). When the closure of schools began in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they initiated a partnership with the Ministry of Education to launch the e-learning portal Darsak to remotely teach high school students. During that time, Abwaab’s content was available for free on Darsak.

“Our region suffers from the lack of Arabic content on the internet, as it only represents 2-4 percent of all online content,” said Tabbaa. “So, if students decided to start learning online, they will not find enough resources.”

“Part of our mission is to enrich Arabic content on the internet.”

Despite COVID-19’s challenges, Abwaab’s team worked ceaselessly to ensure that students continue their learning in the most critical times. “Since the beginning of the pandemic, our team has been working non-stop to create new content and videos, so we expanded our team to deal with the large amounts of business,” said Tabbaa.

“Our mission is to bring high-quality education to every student in our region, and have a lasting impact on future generations,” he said.

Abwaab has also provided opportunities for refugees in Jordan to access its resources and provided free Wi-Fi and tablets.

“We have been monitoring our students’ performance since last September, and it has improved by 40 percent,” he added.

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