How e-payment data can transform your small business

Amjad Al Sadeq
(Photo: Handout from Network International)
AMMAN — Perhaps one of the most misguided assumptions about e-payment platforms is that they only offer real value and return on investment for larger, more established businesses.اضافة اعلان

In fact, nothing could be further from the truth: For SMEs and start-ups in particular, e-payment platforms may actually provide even more value and ROI, for the simple reason that they allow these smaller businesses to more cost-effectively optimize their operations — something that can be truly invaluable when you’re working with limited resources and staff.

In particular, the data derived from e-payment platforms is a potential goldmine of information and insights that can help small businesses become more efficient, profitable, and scalable.

Reducing room for error (and eliminating unnecessary loss)

Perhaps the biggest advantage of e-payments is that they allow users to automate transactions and reduce the likelihood of human error (or even theft), which is incredibly common when dealing with cash.

In the US alone, retail businesses end up losing billions of dollars a year through cash theft — and the majority of these losses aren’t experienced by large corporations, but by small businesses. E-payments significantly reduce the possibility for miscalculations, transactional errors, misplacement of petty cash, and theft.

The adoption of e-payments also helps automate and streamline important accounting functions for businesses, reducing the amount of time spent on manual data entry.

And for start-ups and SMEs that may not be able to afford dedicated accounting departments, this enormously reduces the burden of such time-consuming processes (to say nothing of the fact that human errors in accounting can cause any number of major problems down the road).

And you don’t even need a physical storefront to benefit from e-payments: Today’s e-payment providers offer an array of portable tools and solutions (like Network International’s On-the-go Payment Device), meaning that even if you operate a home or delivery-based business, there are ways to build e-payments into your business model, diminishing the room for error that comes with dealing exclusively in cash.

Business-optimizing insights at your fingertips

For large businesses and corporations, one of the biggest advantages in their arsenal is being able to access and analyze large or complex data sets.

After all, when you have robust resources — both in terms of people and technology — it’s relatively easy to collect, process, and derive insights from your operational data.

One of the distinct benefits of modern e-payment platforms is that they provide these same sorts of data-driven insights — but for businesses of all sizes.

By pushing away from a cash-based business model, start-ups, and SMEs can get a clearer picture of their operations without investing additional time, money, and resources in data collection, entry, and analysis.

With Network International, for example, merchants enjoy access to the SmartView Interactive Dashboards and Performance Reports.

These tools are continuously updated based on real-time and cumulative e-payment transactions, allowing users to analyze a wide variety of metrics and then produce instantaneous reports that can help them make more informed decisions about their business.

And with additional added-value e-payment tools, like Network’s self-service platform, business owners can manage all their payment-related issues directly from their mobile, from viewing and refunding transactions to downloading comprehensive business reports.

For SMEs, start-ups, and other small-scale operations, e-payments provide more than just another way for customers to pay: they put critical data, insights, and oversight at your fingertips, making it easier than ever to build and sustain a successful business.

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