London sees 100,000 in pro-Palestinian march

(Photo: Twitter/X)
LONDON — The London Metropolitan Police estimated that approximately 100,000 people participated in a pro-Palestinian march. According to The Daily Mail, the London Metropolitan Police reported that their helicopters were patrolling the city while crowds, carrying banners that read "Free Palestine" and displaying the Palestinian flag, took to the streets.اضافة اعلان

On that Saturday, more than 100,000 individuals marched through the streets of London in solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. This demonstration followed Israel's forceful response to Palestinian resistance attacks on October 7.

In response to a similar event the previous week, where tens of thousands showed their support for Palestinians in Gaza who are under siege, around 1,000 officers from the London Metropolitan Police were deployed to monitor the events in the capital, Amad reported. 

As a result of an ongoing campaign of Israeli airstrikes in retaliation for the incursions by Palestinian resistance fighters, over 4,100 people have been confirmed killed in Gaza. This campaign also led to the deaths of over 1,400 Israelis.

The peaceful protests commenced on that Saturday, with large crowds waving Palestinian flags in central London. By early afternoon, the London Metropolitan Police announced that over 100,000 people had joined the march, which surpassed Marble Arch on its way to Whitehall.

Images from London on that day depicted a significant security presence around the Israeli embassy, including more than 20 police cars and dozens of riot police officers patrolling the streets. Large metal and concrete barriers were positioned at the embassy's entrance, and officers were observed stacking riot shields inside the gates.

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