Italy has ceased arms supplies to Israel since Oct. 7 – Italian FM

Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani
Italian Foreign Minister, Antonio Tajani. (Photo: Twitter/X)
ROMEItalian Foreign Minister, Antonio Tajani stated that Italy has ceased arms supplies to Israel since the start of Israel’s war on the Gaza Strip, Amad reported.اضافة اعلان

In an interview with Italian News Website, Quotidiano Nazionale, Tajani said, "Since the beginning of the war in Gaza, Italy has stopped sending any type of weapons to Israel. All of this is prohibited now; we have halted all deliveries of weapons systems and military equipment of any kind."

Tajani's statement was a response to claims made by the Secretary of the opposition Democratic Party, Elly Schlein, who called for a cessation of arms supplies to the Middle East, especially to Israel, to prevent further escalation of the ongoing war in the region. Tajani stated, “Shlain is talking about things that do not exist. This is pure propaganda. The Democratic Party should be better informed."

Furthermore, Tajani emphasized the need to end Israel’s war on the strip, and establish a Palestinian state, adding that in the transitional phase, there should be the presence of UN forces to ensure peace and stability.

Regarding the crisis in the Red Sea, he clarified that, on Monday, he would discuss in Brussels the possibility of sending a European mission called Aspis, which means shield in Greek, to ensure freedom of navigation, adding that Italy will present a document prepared with France and Germany.

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