Estonia leads in visa rejection rates

Top 10 countries with lowest reject rates – Schengen visa data

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AMMAN — Estonia has emerged as a country with a stringent visa approval process, leading to a significant number of rejections, according to the recently released Schengen visa data for 2022. The data not only highlights the top 10 countries with the lowest rejection rates but also exposes the tightened visa issuance policies of four other nations.اضافة اعلان

Estonia’s uncompromising visa system
As a member of both the European Union and the Schengen Area, Estonia is renowned for its rigorous visa system, Ennahar TV reported.

Throughout the past year, diplomatic missions stationed in Estonia have rejected a considerable proportion of Schengen visa applications. Particularly noteworthy is the Estonian Embassy in Cairo, Egypt, which reported the highest rejection rate, denying nearly two-thirds of all Schengen visa applications. Similar trends were observed in Turkey and India, where Estonia rejected 56 percent and 52.1 percent of Schengen visa applications, respectively.

Top 10 countries with the lowest rejection rates
On the other hand, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Poland, Luxembourg, Finland, Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Iceland stood out as the top 10 countries with the lowest rejection rates for Schengen visa applications in 2022. Among them, Iceland boasted an exceptionally low rejection rate of merely 1.9 percent. These nations prioritize facilitating visa issuance while maintaining the integrity and security of their borders.

Four countries have opted for stricter measures
In contrast, four countries have opted for stricter measures in Schengen visa issuance in 2022. Estonia's unwavering visa policies serve as an example for other nations to follow suit.

Countries like Malta, Slovakia, Portugal, and Finland also had stricter visa regulations and a more cautious approach to granting Schengen visas.

Anna Tisler-Lavrentjev, the spokesperson for the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, shed light on the high rejection rates observed across Schengen countries.

She highlighted concerns regarding the reliability of documents submitted to justify the purpose of the trip, particularly when applying for visas in specific countries. Instances of applicants falsely claiming to visit relatives in Estonia, only to discover that their supposed relatives no longer reside in the country, have contributed to the overall rejection rates.

As the Schengen visa data for 2022 unravels Estonia's uncompromising visa system and significant rejection rates, it underscores the varying visa policies within the Schengen Area.

These findings also serve as a reminder to applicants to provide accurate and credible information, thereby reducing the risk of rejection.

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