Charlie Hebdo's repeated offenses against Islam

Charlie Hebdo
(Photo: Twitter/X)
PARIS – On Monday, the French magazine Charlie Hebdo published an article, discussing the "persecution of women in Islam and Muslim women leaving Islam," accompanied by an offensive image of prophets, sparking widespread anger, Al-Ghad reported.اضافة اعلان

The article angered many users on social media, expressing their rejection of disrespect towards Islamic religious symbols. Some called for ignoring the newspaper, asserting that it seeks only to provoke Muslims to increase its profits.

Algerian journalist khadija Benganna tweeted, "Charlie Hebdo returns to its old habits. The controversial magazine publishes an article provoking Muslims about the persecution of women in Islam and the exit of Muslim women from Islam. The article is accompanied by a provocative image with the title 'Prophets,' depicting two 'prophets' harassing a woman walking in front of them. Whenever the newspaper's sales plummet, it returns to publishing topics about Islam as usual."

Hebdo shared another controversial cartoon. This time, the cartoon depicts the Syrian child Alan alongside a figure symbolizing Jesus Christ, with the caption: "Europe is the guide of Christianity; Christians can walk on water, while Muslims children drown."

The provocative cartoon has reignited outrage on social media, with users condemning the magazine for crossing ethical boundaries and disrespecting religious symbols.

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