Man surrenders to Capitol police after ‘Bomb threat’ near library of congress

A man who drove a black pickup truck onto the sidewalk of the Library of Congress and claimed to have a bomb onboard, crawls in the street, right, as he surrenders to police in Washington on Thursday, August 19, 2021. (Photo: NYTimes)
WASHINGTON — A man who claimed to have a bomb in a pickup truck outside the Library of Congress surrendered to police Thursday after hours of negotiations and evacuations of several government buildings in the area.اضافة اعلان

The man surrendered peacefully, Chief J. Thomas Manger of the Capitol Police said at a news conference.

“As far as we can tell, it was just his decision to surrender,” he said. Manger identified the man as Floyd Ray Roseberry and said it appeared that he acted alone.

Roseberry, 49, drove a black pickup onto the sidewalk of the Library of Congress about 9:15 Thursday morning, and officers then responded to a disturbance call, Manger said.

When the police arrived, Roseberry said he had a bomb, and one of the officers observed what appeared to be a detonator in his hand, Manger said. The police spent hours negotiating with Roseberry, he said.

Manger told reporters that officers had observed items on Roseberry’s truck that concerned them, including a propane gas container. The police said later Thursday that no bomb was found, but “possible bomb-making materials were collected from the truck.”

“We don’t know what his motives are at this time,” Manger said earlier Thursday. He confirmed that some of the man’s remarks had been streamed live on social media.

He said charges against Roseberry would be determined with the US attorney’s office.

Roseberry, a resident of Grover, North Carolina, had been making anti-government statements, according to a law enforcement official. Manger said the police had spoken with members of Roseberry’s family.

Andy Stone, a spokesperson for Facebook, confirmed that the company had taken down the man’s profile from the site and Instagram and removed a post with a video that had been broadcast from the truck. In the rambling video, he addresses President Joe Biden, demanding to speak with him or a representative.

The Metropolitan Police Department assisted “with the report of an active bomb threat involving a suspicious vehicle,” and with evacuating the area, according to spokesperson Alaina Gertz. The Supreme Court building was evacuated shortly after 10 am, said Patricia McCabe, a spokesperson.

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