Vatican envoy says attacks by Jews on Christians can ignite antisemitism

spitting jews
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OCCUPIED EAST JERUSALEM – Father Francesco Patton, the Vatican's custodian of Christian sites in Israel, warned that rising violence against members of the Church and holy sites would dissuade pilgrims and ignite antisemitism in the Christian world.اضافة اعلان

In an interview with Israeli news site, Calcalist, Patton blamed the Israeli government for their inaction and alignment with extremists to hold on to power for the increasing violence between the two religious groups and warned the images broadcast around the world would damage the country’s reputation and tourism industry.

"In one week the Maronite monastery in Ma'a lot was attacked, graves in a Protestant cemetery in Jerusalem were vandalized and graffiti on an Armenian monastery said "Death to Christians. In addition, a statue of Jesus near a gate to the Old City was desecrated when a Jew took a hammer to it,” Patton Said. 

"Violence thrives especially in an environment where religious and political fundamentalism unite." 

The comments came after a video went viral on Monday depicting several Ultra-Orthodox Jews, including children, spitting toward Christian worshippers in the Old City of Jerusalem. 

The video was widely condemned by Israeli officials, including politicians from the Haredi community and by Israel's Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi David Lau. 

However, on Tuesday, Elisha Yered, an extremist settler who is suspected of involvement in the killing of a Palestinian last August, defended the act in a post on X (Twitter) calling the spitting near Christian clergy or churches an age-old custom rooted in Jewish law. 

"Perhaps the influence of Western culture has made us forget what Christianity is but I think millions of Jews who have suffered the crusades, torture from the inquisition, blood libel and pogroms, will never forget,” he tweeted

The altercation is only the latest in a rising number of attacks and desecrations by an increasingly emboldened class of jewish extremists. These attacks include the stoning of churches in the north of the country, forced entry into Stela Maris Monastery in Haifa and daily attacks on clergy in the old city of Jerusalem.  

Israel's current coalition government, led by Benjamin Netanyahu, has been widely criticized as the most right-wing in history and members including Ben Gvir have continually failed to condemn rising Jewish extremism. 

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