Unprecedented weather phenomena strike UAE and Germany

Reutlingen snow
(Photo: Twitter)
DUBAI —Various regions in the emirates of Sharjah and Dubai witnessed heavy summer outpours on Saturday, as the United Arab Emirates was affected by a state of weather instability that is expected to continue until Tuesday, media sources reported.اضافة اعلان

The National Center of Meteorology in the Emirates posted a video clip documenting the rainy and stormy weather impacting various regions of the country as a result of "atmospheric instability."

Social media activists shared video clips documenting heavy thunderstorms, which caused a rise in water levels in the streets of Dubai and Sharjah.

GermanyMeanwhile, on Saturday, German authorities deployed snowplows in the southwestern city of Reutlingen, after a severe hailstorm covered parts of the city, sometimes up to 30 centimeters thick.

A city official told news agencies that a "local storm with hail and heavy rain" hit the downtown area on Friday afternoon and evening. The fire brigade said it was called out more than 120 times due to the sudden storm.

"The first operations involved people who were locked in their cars and unable to move," said a spokesman for the Emergency Response Center.

 Authorities sent in snow plows to clear the streets, and more than 250 emergency and city workers and volunteers took part in the clean-up.
A city spokesman said hail and tree leaves blocked the city's drainage system, causing flooding in underground parking lots, basements, and apartment buildings.

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