US court orders NSO group to handover Pegasus code to WhatsApp

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WASHINGTON – The Guardian reported that NSO Group, the maker of one of the world’s most sophisticated cyber weapons, has been ordered by a US court to hand over its code for Pegasus and other spyware products to WhatsApp as part of the company’s ongoing litigation. اضافة اعلان

Judge Phyllis Hamilton's ruling in the NSO Group versus WhatsApp lawsuit represents a significant legal victory for WhatsApp.

The lawsuit, which has been ongoing since 2019, alleges that NSO's spyware was used against 1,400 WhatsApp users over a two-week period. NSO's Pegasus code, along with other surveillance products it sells, is considered a closely guarded state secret.

Although NSO attempted to be excused from all its discovery obligations in the case, Hamilton sided with WhatsApp and ordered NSO to produce all relevant spyware data for a specific period. However, Hamilton ruled in NSO's favor regarding the disclosure of client names and server architecture information. NSO declined to comment on the decision, and the litigation is ongoing.

The Pegasus software, if successfully deployed, can hack into any mobile phone and gain access to various data types without user knowledge. The Biden administration has blacklisted NSO, stating that its actions contradict US foreign policy and national security interests. The administration has also expressed concerns about the misuse of spyware products like Pegasus and has unveiled a new policy to impose visa restrictions on individuals involved in such misuse.

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