The urban warfare riddle: How do irregular forces thrive?

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AMMAN – Urban warfare remains among the toughest operations for invading armies, yet irregular forces prefer it due to the ability of surprise and tactics to outsmart tech, according to Khaberni and Al-Jazeera.اضافة اعلان

However, both sides face challenges in this type of warfare, influenced by technological disparities and overwhelming firepower, coupled with the close quarters imposed by the battlefields.

One of these challenges is armored vehicle vision, Armored vehicles typically have limited vision, capable of engaging distant targets in open terrain. However, when entering a city, their field of vision becomes restricted, requiring infantry support.

Buildings allow defenders to hide and exploit blind spots for tanks, even if equipped with cameras and monitoring devices. Defenders in the city can approach armored vehicles to a degree where the defenses cannot effectively operate at close range.

If an attacker approaches a tank with an anti-tank weapon, the regular army is likely unable to deflect a shell fired from close range due to the shortened response time. Additionally, the tank's target within the city can attack it from various angles (above or below), a scenario not feasible in open spaces.

Given the tank's need for infantry support to clear squares for advancement, a new dilemma arises for defending forces. The attacking forces possess advanced devices such as night vision equipment and detection capabilities using sensors and radars, along with substantial firepower.

Infantry forces often prefer leveling buildings with tanks rather than engaging in close combat within structures. This presents a new challenge for attackers, as rubble impedes the progress of vehicles, creating hiding places for defenders. Unlike regular buildings with regular geometries that allow thorough scanning, rubble will hinder the movement of armored vehicles or the evacuation of injured soldiers.

Therefore, urban warfare proves challenging for advanced military technology, granting an advantage to the surprise tactics of invading non-state forces.

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