Some areas in Gaza have been without water for over ten days – Shablaq

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GAZA — The Director of Water Management in the southern Gaza Strip, Mondher Shablaq, stated on Monday that there are areas in Gaza that have been without water for over ten days. He considers the persistent water shortage and scarcity to be a significant humanitarian, environmental, and health crisis.اضافة اعلان

Shablaq added that the Gaza Water Authority has sought assistance from international organizations to provide fuel. The most recent fuel supply they received was three days ago, totaling just 20,000 liters. He explained that the water facilities in the Gaza Strip require approximately 80,000 liters daily. The Water Authority is striving to prevent the people of Gaza from facing a life-threatening situation due to dehydration, similar to the casualties resulting from Israeli airstrikes and attacks, Al-Mamlaka TV reported.

He mentioned that in some areas, people have resorted to drinking seawater, which is highly saline. These alternative water sources were initially closed by the Gaza Water Authority after the establishment of desalination plants, which had significantly improved the overall water services in Gaza. However, these desalination plants are currently not operating. One is entirely out of service, while the others are running at only 30% and 40% capacity. Consequently, the daily per capita water allocation for drinking, bathing, and other essential purposes in Gaza does not exceed 2 liters.

Shablaq further explained that the Water Authority cannot currently operate sewage treatment plants due to extensive leaks in many areas, mainly at intersections and streets, where most of the sewage pipelines have been damaged. He emphasized that if the current situation persists, it will result in the outbreak of waterborne diseases in the Gaza Strip.

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