No deal on captives, Israel will not stop the war — Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu
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TEL AVIV — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that "so far there is no deal to release prisoners in the Gaza Strip."اضافة اعلان

Netanyahu added in a press conference on Saturday evening, “We tell the families of the prisoners that our hearts are with them, but there is no deal yet regarding their release.”

He indicated that he invited the families of the Hamas captives to meet the war cabinet this week to see what they are doing, pointing out that Tel Aviv insists on protecting its interests "despite the opposition of some friends."
 Netanyahu continued, "We are trying to resist international pressure and will not stop the war until we achieve complete victory over Hamas, return the kidnapped people, and prevent Gaza from posing a threat to Israel again."

Netanyahu confirmed Israel rejected international pressure not to storm Al-Shifa Hospital, but it has rejected such pressure and went ahead with the attack.

Israel's War Minister, Yoav Gallant, said that his soldiers have the capacity to reach all Hamas' sensitive places and attack them. He claimed that hundreds of Hamas members were killed in recent days.  He stressed that Israel would not hesitate to carry out any operation in Gaza.

Gallant described the Israeli attack, which left more than 12,000 Palestinians dead, as "complex", and that the army was examining its operations in the south as it focuses on the north of the Gaza Strip.

He said that Israel's first mission is to eliminate Hamas and return the captives.  

Gallant stressed that Hamas will soon realize that what happened in northern Gaza will also happen in the south.

He confirmed that his forces strike Hezbollah targets every day and are working to ensure security in the north.

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