Israel ready to burn Al-Shifa and kill patients for evidence

al shifa
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GENEVA — In a new statement released Saturday, the Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor denounced the current occupation of the Al Shifa Medical Complex in Gaza and called for an independent international investigation into Israel’s absurd claims that Palestinian groups were using Al-Shifa Medical Complex and other hospitals in the Gaza Strip for military purposes.اضافة اعلان

“The absence of any neutral international party’s involvement in the Israeli military raids and searches of Al-Shifa Medical Complex and other hospitals in the Strip raises widespread doubts about the Israeli narrative,” the statement read.  

According to Euro-Med Monitor, Israel needs to offer the outside world more than a few rifles and other armaments to justify its attacks on Gaza’s hospitals and ill and injured civilians.

“After launching an intensive incitement campaign against Gaza’s hospitals and publishing three-dimensional maps of massive headquarters inside and beneath Al-Shifa Medical Complex amid direct air and artillery attacks along with military raids, the Israeli army has been unable to produce any solid evidence to support its claims,” said Euro-Med Monitor. 

More than 245 attacks on Palestinian medical facilities have been documented by Euro-Med Monitor since Israel began its brutal war on the Gaza Strip on 7 October. These attacks have resulted in the deaths of over 600 people, including dozens of health workers who died while performing their duties.

The Monitor said that the Israeli narrative, which is the sole story about the raid being promoted by Israel’s government, was made public only after long hours of searches and fruitless inspections.

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