New services for Jerusalem residents launched

Sharia Court in Jerusalem
Sharia Court. (File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — The Civil Status and Passports Department, in collaboration with the Jordanian Post and the Judge of Judges in Jerusalem, has launched new services for the residents of Jerusalem. اضافة اعلان

The announcement, made by Talal Al-Fayez, the acting director general of the department, aims to align with His Majesty’s vision of facilitating document issuance for Jerusalem residents. 

The new services launched for Jerusalem residents provide various facilitations for passport issuance and renewal. They include accepting and issuing passports for all ages, allowing Jordanian citizens married to Jerusalem residents to apply for passports through the Sharia Court, enabling the exclusive renewal of passports for holders of temporary travel documents married to Jerusalem residents, granting additional facilitation for married women with temporary travel documents, and offering registration and issuance of civil documents for Jordanian citizens with national and civil registration numbers. 

Additionally, Jordanian residents residing in Jerusalem can now apply for the renewal of their civil status documents.

The initiatives also extend to registering civil events and renewing family books. These services, set to begin on July 15, aim to alleviate burdens and streamline administrative processes for Jerusalem residents.

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