NATO countries executed 160+ military flights to Israel since Oct. 7

nato plane
(Photo: Twitter/X)
AMMAN — An analysis of navigational data has revealed that several NATO countries executed over 160 military flights to Israel between October 7 and November 27, encompassing transport, reconnaissance, and refueling missions.اضافة اعلان

The data, acquired by the Sanad Agency on the Al Jazeera Network from the "Radar Box" website, highlights that U.S. Air Force aircraft conducted more than 35 flights. The Canadian, British, and Polish Air Forces each executed approximately 20 flights, while the German Air Forces undertook more than 15 flights, Khaberni reported.

In these missions, the air forces of the Czech Republic, France, Denmark, Italy, Lithuania, Spain, the Netherlands, Australia, Belgium, Romania, and Norway contributed, marking the active participation of half of NATO member states. Additionally, NATO itself conducted 7 flights.

Regarding departure points, airports and military bases in Greece and Cyprus took the lead, serving as advanced bases in support of Israel, closely followed by Germany and Italy.

The British air base on the island of Cyprus emerged as the primary departure point for these flights, followed by Greece International Airport and Chania International Airport on the island of Crete.

Germany's Cologne Bonn International Airport and the American Ramstein Air Base in Germany were also among the most utilized airports. Furthermore, the Italian Air Force's Pratica di Mare base southwest of Rome, along with several other airports and air bases, played roles in these operations.

It is crucial to note that this analysis exclusively focuses on military flights within the navigational data on the Radar Box website. The number of flights is expected to surpass the reported figures, as some military aircraft employ sophisticated methods to evade radar tracking.