Jewish terrorists kill 19-year-old Palestinian in cold blood

(Photo: Twitter)
OCCUPIED WEST BANK — Two Israeli settlers were arrested over the killing of a 19-year-old Palestinian on Saturday after clashes broke out between armed Jewish terrorists and residents of the central West Bank village of Burqa on Friday night, according to various media sources.اضافة اعلان

The Palestinian was identified as Qusai Jammal Mu'tan by the Palestinian Health Ministry. Four other Burqa residents were wounded in the clashes.

Settler’s aggression
Israeli army spokesperson said that they received reports of a "violent confrontation" between settlers and Palestinians. The army, police and other security forces are investigating the incident and have detained five other settlers on suspicion of involvement.

Residents of Burqa said the incident began around 6:30 P.M, when settlers arrived at the western part of the village with around 40 sheep and started damaging property, Haaretz News reported.

The settlers were armed, according to Burqa resident Ahmed Barkat, and they first began throwing stones and then began firing at the villagers when Mu'tan was hit. According to Barkat, the incident lasted around three hours until military forces arrived at the scene.

A security official confirmed that settlers had entered the village, adding that they most likely came from the illegal outpost of Oz Zion. After clashes ensued Israeli forces arrived at the scene, they said.

The head of the local council, Ibrahim Ma'tan, explained in a conversation with Haaretz that the settler attacks are not unusual. According to him, the residents' reaction was natural in light of the settlers' aggression. "The youths and residents went out to defend their land with their bodies, but the settlers were armed and opened fire, it's murder, and it's aggression."

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