Isreal is committing genocide; global silence decried by Belarra

Ione Belarra
Former Spanish Minister of Social Rights and current parliamentarian, Ione Belarra. (Photo: Twitter/X)
MADRIDIone Belarra, the former Spanish Minister of Social Rights and current parliamentarian has criticized the international community for turning a blind eye to the alleged genocide committed by the Israeli government and the ongoing brutality that has persisted for over 50 days.اضافة اعلان

During an interview on Al-Jazeera's program "Al-Masaa," Belarra emphasized her unwavering commitment to her previous stances. She also revealed an initiative she is spearheading to gather online signatures, urging the International Criminal Court (ICC) to indict Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a war criminal, Jo24 reported.

Belarra spoke about her dismissal, clarifying that while her stance on the Israeli occupation wasn't the direct cause of her removal, the misalignment between her position and that of her party and government regarding the war played a significant role. She emphasized the necessity to champion human rights, even if it comes at the expense of political positions.

The former minister consistently used the term "war crimes" to characterize the situation, pointing out the alleged media blackout in the West, especially in the U.S. She accused Israel of blatantly violating international law and suggested that their actions were shielded by U.S. influence and pressure from the Jewish lobby on American politics.

She argued that the lack of accountability for Israel stems from US and European apprehensions about being accused of anti-Semitism.

She condemned what she perceives as the glaring hypocrisy of the US and Europe, contrasting their reactions to Russia's actions in Ukraine. Belarra accused them of applying double standards, asserting that the EU and the US exhibit unacceptable hypocrisy by allowing the bombing of thousands of children and women in the occupied territories while claiming to champion democracy, human rights, and international law. 

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