Israeli settler fatally shoots Palestinian olive harvester in West Bank

Israeli settler fatally shoots Palestinian olive harvester in West Bank
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GAZA – The Palestinian Ministry of Health reported on Saturday that a Palestinian was fatally shot by an Israeli settler while he was harvesting olives in the vicinity of Nablus in the West Bank. In a press release, the Ministry stated, "citizen Bilal Mohammad Saleh, aged 40, was shot in the chest by a settler in the town of Sawiya, within the Nablus district."اضافة اعلان

Video footage depicted a group of settlers approaching the olive pickers, with the sound of gunshots followed by a man lying on the ground, covered in blood. Witnesses at the scene transported the injured man on a makeshift stretcher from the field to a private car, rushing him to the hospital, where he was later pronounced dead due to the severity of his injuries, Al-Mamlaka TV reported.

Riyad al-Maliki, the Palestinian minister of foreign affairs and expatriates, decried the situation, stating, "the terrorism of the settlers continues, and their immediate objective now is to terrorize our citizens and prevent them from accessing their fields and harvesting olives."

He emphasized in a statement, "the settlers have been armed and trained by the occupying state to kill Palestinians and shield themselves from the occupying army, aided by laws formulated by the perpetrators themselves. It constitutes a comprehensive terrorist system."

As of now, the Israeli military has not issued a statement regarding the Palestinian's killing.

Launched attacks on olive harvesters in various parts of the West Bank
On Saturday, settlers launched attacks on olive harvesters in various parts of the West Bank, a recurring scene during each olive season. However, this period, in particular, has witnessed a series of violent assaults against Palestinians, including direct gunfire. These incidents take advantage of the heightened global attention on the Israeli aggression against Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank, which has been ongoing for 22 days.

In Salfit, dozens of settlers from the "Rehavam" settlement attacked olive pickers in Deir Istiya and Hares, forcing them to leave their lands at gunpoint, all under the protection of Israeli soldiers.

In Hebron, armed settlers assaulted olive pickers in the Sha'b al-Butm area in the southern town of Masafer Yatta during the olive harvest on their land.

Settlers also seized the sheep of Palestinian citizens in the Dura area in the eastern Badia, east of Yatta, preventing the shepherds from reclaiming them.

In Nablus, a group of settlers from the "Yitzhar" settlement attacked farmers during the olive harvest in the southern part of the town of Qusra, all under the protection of the Israeli army. They assaulted a Palestinian citizen with physical violence and threw stones at him, eventually transferring him to a medical center in the town.

Settlers uprooted ten mature olive trees
Moreover, dozens of settlers uprooted ten mature olive trees, accompanied by the Israeli army, despite the fact that the area where the farmers were picking olives falls under Area B classification and does not require coordination.

The death toll in the West Bank has now risen to 111 casualties, with 1,950 individuals wounded since the beginning of this month.

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