Israeli forces urge citizens to carry weapons

al aqsa
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AMMAN Israeli forces have called upon Israelis who possess a gun license to carry their weapons with them during the Jewish Passover holiday, which will begin Wednesday night and continue until the end of next week. اضافة اعلان

In a statement they have asked citizens to "come armed to the holiday prayers in the synagogues, and carry their weapons when they go out for walks around the country".

The move comes in the wake of violent Israeli raids at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied Jerusalem and the subsequent arrests of hundreds of worshipers, Arab 48 reported.

ClosuresIsraeli forces have also announced a closure of the West Bank and crossings in the Gaza Strip from Wednesday night.

Israeli forces are set to deploy around 7,500 police officers and border guards, as well as volunteers, throughout the country during the Passover holiday, especially in the areas of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Western Wall in the old town of occupied Jerusalem.

Israeli occupation forces claim to have received "dozens of warnings" about plans by Palestinians to carry out operations inside Israel and in settlements in the occupied West Bank. In response they said they have reinforced their forces and the border guards at military checkpoints between Israel and the West Bank to prevent Palestinians from entering Israel.

Israeli forces have also reinforced their presence in the West Bank and raised their alert status, transferring two additional battalions to the West Bank with another to follow tomorrow.

Police forces ‘on the verge of collapse’A senior Israeli officer has expressed concern about the wide deployment of forces, stating that in addition to guarding demonstrations for and against the government's plan to weaken the judiciary, the police are "on the verge of collapse."

He added that the police "are hardly dealing with crime or police initiatives, and simply put, there are no police officers on the streets."

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