Human rights foundation demands Hamas to cease issuing death sentences

palestinians carry hamas flags
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AMMAN — Al Dameer Foundation for Human Rights expressed its deep concern over the ongoing issuance of death sentences by Hamas in the Gaza Strip. اضافة اعلان

In its statement, the foundation reiterated its demands for the abolition of the death penalty, emphasizing that this does not exempt criminals from accountability and punishment.

Furthermore, the foundation stressed the importance of adopting alternative and deterrent punishments, as well as fulfilling the obligations of joining the Second Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which aims to abolish the death penalty.

In its statement, the foundation called upon Palestinian official authorities to comply with international obligations outlined in the international human rights agreements that Palestine has joined, particularly the Second Protocol appended to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights of 1989.

The foundation also urged the relevant authorities in Gaza to halt the death penalty and replace it with alternative punishments, while enacting modern laws in line with international agreements and treaties on human rights.

Lastly, Al-Dameer called on the courts in Gaza to cease issuing death sentences and instead impose alternative and deterrent penalties.

May 23
On Tuesday, May 23, the High Criminal Court unanimously issued a death sentence by hanging to a defendant convicted of intentional murder based on the provisions of the law.

The High Criminal Court in Gaza convicted the detained defendant (M.G.), a 46-year-old resident of Gaza, Al-Zaytoun, of the charges related to the murder of the citizen Saliba Khalil Musa Abu Nusaira, a 64-year-old.

The defendant deliberately stabbed the victim multiple times in the chest and body, leading to his immediate death, as stated in the autopsy report. This act was committed with intent and unlawfully, in violation of the law.

The number of death sentences issued by the courts in the Gaza Strip since the beginning of the year has now reached two sentences from the Supreme Judiciary Council and three sentences from the Military Judiciary.

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