Hamas denounces Israeli's deceptive probe on Nabulsi Square Massacre

(File photo:Jordan News)
DOHA — The Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) has stated its rejection of “The deceptive and misleading findings of the criminal occupation army regarding the massacre at Al-Nabulsi Square last week."اضافة اعلان

It emphasized that “The horrific massacre will remain a testimony to the criminality and Nazism of this entity devoid of human and moral values."

This massacre, known as the "Flour Massacre," claimed the lives of 109 people and left hundreds wounded as a result of the Israeli occupation forces' bombing of a gathering of Palestinian citizens awaiting flour and humanitarian aid in the Gaza Strip, Khaberni reported. 

The Gaza government media office stated that the occupation committed this horrific massacre with premeditation as part of the genocidal targeting of the besieged enclave's residents. The occupation forces were aware of the victim’s presence in the area to receive aid but callously killed them.