Gaza’s mayor reveals 70% water loss amid ongoing shelling

(Photo: Twitter/X)
GAZA — On Tuesday, Yahya Al-Sarraj, the mayor of Gaza, revealed that Gaza's municipalities have lost 70 percent of their water sources due to the continuous shelling by the Israeli occupation, which has persisted for eighteen days. This relentless assault has caused complete power outages and led to the shutdown of Gaza's sole power generation station.اضافة اعلان

Grave concerns: untreated polluted water (sewage) leaking into the sea
Sarraj also expressed grave concerns about untreated polluted water (sewage) leaking into the sea. This poses a severe environmental and food crisis along the shores of Gaza, potentially resulting in significant contamination of the Mediterranean Sea, Al Mamlaka TV reported.

Most sewage stations are now out of service
He went on to describe the dire situation with sewage, where most sewage stations are now out of service due to power outages or direct and indirect targeting. He emphasized, "We are unable to manage waste due to the ongoing shelling, which raises worries about the spread of epidemics and diseases."

Furthermore, he shared the collection of solid waste has become a major challenge for municipalities, as it cannot be handled as required. Waste has begun to accumulate in many neighborhoods, causing significant inconvenience to citizens and raising concerns about the potential spread of epidemics and diseases.